4 Steps to Engaging Stakeholders in your Sustainability Reporting Process

In a recent blog post, we outlined four simple steps to a materiality assessment that you should consider when developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability program.

Now that you’ve identified your internal and external stakeholders and defined the key indicators you plan to measure, the next step is to outline a stakeholder engagement strategy.

Below we listed four steps to consider before engaging stakeholders in your sustainability reporting process:

1. Engage Stakeholders Early

Stakeholder inclusiveness should be an essential part of your sustainability reporting process. According to GRI, “the reporting organization should identify its stakeholders and explain in the report how it has responded to their reasonable expectations and interests.” Involving your stakeholders early in your sustainability reporting process will give your organization an opportunity to understand their proprieties and emerging concerns, while discovering opportunities to address issues before they become a serious threat to your organization’s … Read more...

Five Ways to Become the MacGyver of Sustainability Reporting!

First things first, why should you track and report on sustainability? There are many ways in which organizations who report on corporate sustainability benefit both internally and externally.  From an internal standpoint, Sustainability Reporting provides a deeper understanding of a business’s risks, opportunities, strategic direction, operating efficiency, and how they rank in the market and stack up against the competition.  Externally it can greatly impact your brand awareness and loyalty, empower stakeholders, demonstrate your organization’s sustainable development over time, and mitigate/reverse negative environmental, social and governance impacts.  But for those who are new to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, it can seem a daunting task.  Where do you start, who do you involve and what’s the best way to disseminate the information?

In this first post of our Sustainability Reporting Series, we share 5 Best Practices to keep in mind when embarking on your organization’s CSR journey:

Know Your Data