Engaging your Employees: Four Strategies for Success

How do you help employees feel accountable in their jobs? How do you create and cultivate a workplace filled with engaged employees? This potentially is the Holy Grail for many organizations, regardless of industry.

Deep and deliberate employee engagement can result in a more focused workforce where the right thing is done even when no one is looking. It’s not hard to imagine how this can translate into a quantifiable ROI for your organization. The key to achieving this level of engagement is motivation.

Motivation is necessary for survival in the most basic sense of the word. We need to be motivated to get out of bed, feed ourselves, shower, go to the doctor, clean the house, celebrate birthdays and all the other seemingly mundane tasks that create meaning in the context of private and public interactions and cultural contracts. This motivation becomes important in the workplace when health, safety, … Read more...

Intelex ½ Vision Meeting – 2014.5

Are we really half way through Fiscal Year 2014? It seems only yesterday that Intelexians were testing their luck and rolling the dice at our annual Vision Meeting’s pop up Casino party. But spring is finally here which means one specific thing for all Torontonians: Jays Games. It also means it’s time for the Intelex team to get together and reflect on the year and to map out goals for the next 6 months. And so begins the Half Vision Meeting – 2014.5.

Blue t-shirts arrived prior to the event to help celebrate our Gartner accomplishments in style. All 250 matching Intelexians were in attendance including two of our British colleagues, Bobby  and Colin, who flew in for the occasion! New products on the roadmap, expansion plans, and marketing initiatives were shared by the executive team. CEO Mark Jaine took the stage for the grand finale, a motivational presentation about … Read more...

Intelex makes the 2014 list of Canada’s Top 50 Small and Medium Employers again!

We have big news! We’ve just been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Small and Medium Employers for 2014. That makes two times in two years that Intelex has won this prestigious award!

The program, which ranked Intelex against hundreds of other small and medium employers across the country based on employee-engagement scores, was facilitated by Queen’s School of Business and AON Hewitt.

The Intelex team is buzzing with excitement from this new achievement, as it represents our dedication to company culture and most of all, our team, without whom this award would not be possible.

Congratulations to all the companies named in the BSME award. You can view the full list here.… Read more...