Intelex Community | This Week: Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality Professional CommunityFind out what’s new; we are talking about best practices for using leading indicators, Safety Performance and Fall Protection in this week’s update on the Intelex Community!

  • Best Practices for Using Leading Indicators in Safety
  • White House Strongly Backs TSCA Reform Legislation
  • Leading Indicators to Predict Safety Performance Webinar
  • Fall Protection discussion group

Regulating Change: Intelex at RegScan’s 2016 Conference

RegScan Regulatory Conference
May 24th – 25th
The Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel
Washington, DC

RegScan’s inaugural Regulatory Conference brings together regulatory experts, government officials and executives from Fortune 1000 companies to discuss pressing global regulatory issues. Over two days experts will discuss environmental issues and trends they deal with daily and learn how the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act affects EHS professionals. Intelex is proud to be attending this year’s conference as a sponsor and partner of RegScan.

If you have any questions about how the Intelex platform can help with regulatory challenges your organization may be facing stop by booth #2 where our Chief Strategy Officer, Elie Mouzon and Director of Product Marketing, Jason Dea can help you.

Join us on Wednesday, May 25 @ 11:15AM – Noon for a concurrent session discussing Building Better Metrics: Looking Beyond Lagging Indicators presented by Elie Mouzon and Jason Dea. This session will … Read more...

How Transit Agencies Can Implement the FTA’s Safety Management System

Train Station 2

In a recent blog post, we highlighted key aspects relating to the Public Transportation Safety Program.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the Safety Management System (SMS) approach outlined in the FTA’s proposed rule.

The SMS approach is intended to help define internal processes and ensure that each public transportation agency, regardless of size or service environment, has the adequate organizational structures, accountabilities, policies, and procedures in place to effectively manage and mitigate safety events. In proposing a SMS approach, the FTA hopes to provide a set of decision-making tools that will help transit agencies prioritize and integrate safety into all aspects of the transit system’s activities, from planning to design, to construction, to operations, and to maintenance.

The proposed FTA rule would require any public transportation system receiving federal funding to implement SMS. –Tweet This!

This approach consists of four main pillars:…

Intelex Gives Back – May 2016 Update

The Intelex Gives Back Committee is focused on giving back to society in meaningful and impactful ways. The month of May saw the launch of a partnership with Canadian Blood Services as well as a five day campaign to raise funds for Fort McMurray.

Due to our world-class medical facilities, Toronto has a greater demand for blood than anywhere in Canada, but only 3% of the Canadian population donates on a regular basis. Intelex has formed a partnership with Canadian Blood Services (CBS) to ensure Intelexians are given time every quarter to head down the street and donate. With our first event being held last week, CBS received 50 pints which allowed them to exceed their daily quota of 44 pints per day. CBS has expressed their gratitude toward this initiative and we are looking forward to this partnership moving forward. Learn more about the people Intelexians are helping hereRead more...

Using Leading Indicators to Predict Safety Performance

Leading Indicators to Predict Safety Performance

Dr. Vince Marchesani is a guest contributor and a member of the Intelex Community. 

Leading indicators have been used for years to predict the future. Meteorologists use barometric pressure to predict the weather, politicians use polls to inform their campaign strategies and doctors use elevated body temperature as an indicator of patient health. Therefore, the use of leading indicators to predict future safety performance is a logical next step in successfully improving safety measurement, management and most importantly performance.  The impact of using leading safety indicators to predict injuries is similar in magnitude to the impact experienced in safety with the introduction of behavioral safety.

Leading indicators are accidents or events that almost happened. They are the measurement of actions, activities or incidents that do not result in injuries. While the use of safety leading indicators continues to gain momentum, for the most part people are not certain what to … Read more...

Intelex Community | This Week: GHS

Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality Professional CommunityFind out what’s new about the GHS Hazard Communication Standard and OSHA in this week’s update on the Intelex Community!

  • New GHS Hazard Communication Standard: Roll-out Issues
  • Subcontractor Opportunity for EHS Management Information System Implementation Partners
  • Leading Indicators to Predict Safety Performance Webinar
  • OSHA discussion group
Intelex Community | This Week: GHS

Leadership in EHS: Intelex’s presence at the 2016 Verdantix Summit


EHS software is powerless if employees don’t adapt their behavior. Facilitating this change is one of many best practices Intelex Technologies will share at the 2016 Verdantix Summit happening May 16-18 in Chicago.

As a sponsor, Intelex will be presenting a workshop on driving behavioral change by integrating EHS and operations systems. The session will be hosted by Laura Scott, Environmental Manager at NRG Energy. NRG is one of America’s largest power companies, a leader in green energy, and a valued Intelex client. Laura will be discussing how Intelex’s software allowed NRG to build a more robust system of environmental compliance, allowing NRG to track environmental key performance indicators and ultimately helping NRG to transform its level of compliance between 2011 and 2015. Having achieved these results across a company of 10,000 employees, Laura is well-qualified to speak about the difference Intelex’s software has made.

Intelex is proud to continue …

3 Things Overheard at the 2016 Petroleum Safety Conference

Banff Centre

Last week, the ENFORM Petroleum Safety Conference (PSC) brought oil and gas safety professionals together once again to connect with each other in beautiful Banff. Held once a year, the conference draws hundreds of participants and vendors with one purpose in mind: honoring the moral – and legal – obligation of ensuring employee safety in the oil and gas industry. Presentation topics ranged from cultivating safety culture to the challenges of addressing human error in safety programs, leaving everyone in attendance with lots of inspiration and food for thought. It’s a terrific conference to attend, made only more spectacular by the backdrop of the Rocky mountains.

I had the opportunity to attend this conference for the second year and to talk with many attendees. While everyone there had interesting stories and a unique perspective to share on the state of safety and the oil industry, I heard three common themes:


Intelex Community | This Week: ISO 45001

Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality Professional CommunityFind out what’s new about ISO 45001 in this week’s update on the Intelex Community!

  • ISO 45001 Updates – Global Survey
  • New GHS Hazard Communication Standard: Roll-out Issues

  • Leading and Transformational Indicators in EHS & Q discussion group
  • New regulatory update on Air Quality State Implementation Plans

Intelex Conference Team is on the road again!

Intelex is heading back on the road again after a great start to our spring conference season at Partners in Prevention, AIAG’s Corporate Responsibility Summit and Enform’s 65th Petroleum Safety Conference. We are very excited about our conference line-up and the chance to connect in person with you. Check out our conference line up below and let us know if you are attending or will be in the area at the time!

NAEM EHS Compliance Excellence Conference
May 11th – 12th
General Electric Co.’s Aviation Learning Center
Cincinnati, OH

Our next stop is Cincinnati, OH for NAEM’s Compliance Excellence Conference! This conference brings together EHS professionals from diverse backgrounds to discuss the most effective ways to reduce risk, ensure compliance and drive business results. Come visit booth #2  to discuss how Intelex can help your organization along it’s EHSQ&S journey with our Chief Strategy Officer, Elie Mouzon and Environment Practice … Read more...