Oil and Gas Regulatory Roundup: Top 5 Stories of the Week

With an array of oil-rich states, each with its own set of rules and regulations, there’s no shortage of oil and gas news across the nation. Here’s a roundup of the week’s top five oil and gas stories:


  1. Wyoming: If you’re working within 75 feet of a drilling site in Wyoming, you’d better be wearing fire-resistant clothing. That’s because a new rule from state legislators now requires just that. The rule, which attracted some criticism from smaller oil companies who complained about the cost of the clothing, and support from the State’s Petroleum Association, took effect last week. It is accompanied by a rule requiring shutoff devices for diesel engines on drilling rigs.
  2. Colorado: Up before Colorodo’s state legislature is a controversial proposal to approve a 500-foot setback for any new oil wells. Environmental groups and residents have been calling for an update to the existing 350-foot setback claiming