McDivitt Law Firm achieves a paperless office but what about the 1,000 leftover binders?

McDivitt Law Firm went paperless last month – a big accomplishment for any organization, but one particularly onerous for law firms that house thousands of confidential legal documents. Each document requires particular care and attention to ensure everything is properly logged and maintained throughout the transition to a paperless office. McDivitt has been scanning documents and filing them away in their online Document Control system since June 2011 and to date have emptied over a thousand, three-inch binders containing approximate 456,000 sheets of paper!

The quest to go paperless came from a growing need to increase efficiency at a law firm that has seen an amazing 40% growth in staff over the last year across its three locations. Moving to a central web-based system would help save not only time, but would free up space for their growing head count. By removing hundreds of binders from the office they now Read more...

City of St.Albert gains ISO certification, reduces audit costs and streamlines processes with Intelex Environmental Management System

We’re pleased to share our newest case study featuring the City of St. Albert.

Over the past year the City of St. Albert has had great success standardizing processes and reducing time and money spent on audits and internal resources.

They are currently using the Environmental Management System, utilizing aspects of the solution to track and reduce nonconformances, with an 80% reduction in nonconformances since implementation two years ago. This has had a significant impact across their Public Works and Transit departments, ultimately leading to achieving ISO 14001 certification in both areas.

To find out more about the City of St. Albert’s implementation of the system and the tremendous results they’re seeing, read the full case study here.… Read more...

OSHA Announces Top 10 Violations for 2012

It was mentioned previously in our podcast that at the NSC (National Safety Council) Congress and Expo in Orlando this past October, Deputy Director of the OSHA Directorate of Enforcement Programs, Patrick Kapust, presented the top 10 violations of the administration’s safety rules for fiscal year 2012.  

While it’s easy at first glance to look at the list and get discouraged thinking workplace safety has a long way to go, Kapust commented in an interview with Safety+Health that “data found in the Top 10 list is not meant to gauge how well OSHA is performing or how safe businesses in the country are. This list is at its best when used by employers as a tool to improve safety at their worksites. An employer who may be interested in what are the possible hazards in their workplace could look at the [Top 10] list and see if they’re covering all … Read more...

Employees sleeping on the job? It might just increase productivity and profit.

Is fatigue management part of your business strategy? More and more companies are shifting their focus to look at the business implications of employee fatigue and the need for company policies that promote getting a healthy dose of rest. In this week’s issue of MacLean’s magazine the cover story, The Secrets of Sleep, takes a closer look at the effects of fatigue on our daily lives.

In the interview with David Randall, author of Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, he touches on workplace fatigue and the importance of acknowledging its presence. “So many companies are realizing it’s a global marketplace and they’re asking more of workers. For the longest time it was just we’ll work harder, drink more coffee, you know, push it to the next level. Now we know there are trade-offs,” he begins. “One fatigue-management-company president told me of a client, a train company, … Read more...

Intelex cruise was a big splash!

Over the weekend Intelex employees had a chance to cruise the open water of Lake Ontario aboard the Northern Spirit  for an evening of good food, amazing views, eclectic dancing and lots of laughs. This was the Intelex team building event of the summer and it did not disappoint.

Some highlights of the night included an appearance from Intelex’s very own Captain Japes (seen below), an epic dance-off between Intelex Sales Team Lead Steve Buffett and Everyone, and a special rendition of Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger song, otherwise known as Moves Like Phyper, affectionately named after John Phyper, our EVP of Sales, Marketing and Alliances.



Intelex has a green thumb or two

At a companywide meeting in May the Intelex Green Team announced a set of initatives they would be putting into motion with one being the installation of an organic garden on the Intelex rooftop patio.

With a dedicated team of green thumbs, the garden is now in full swing with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, swiss chard, herbs, beans and flowers. The garden concept was brought to life thanks to the help of Landscape Architect, Luke Jefferson, from Pop-Up Gardens who came up with the plan and materials for creating our unique milk crate garden.

Now the garden is cared for by more than 17 Intelex volunteers who follow a watering schedule that even includes weekends! 

The garden has been a great addition to the work environment here at Intelex. Many have already found it to be a therapeutic break from the busy work day, spending a few relaxing minutes watering, examining the … Read more...

Intelex donates $5,650 to the Canadian Red Cross

The Intelex team joined in the efforts to help the Red Cross raise $43,000 during Red Cross week this month. Every year over 2.2 million people are assisted, trained or educated by the Canadian Red Cross which is over 43,000 people each week! So that’s just $1 for each Canadian that will benefit from this fundraising campaign. Intelex employees collectively contributed $2,825 during Red Cross Week to the cause with Intelex matching every dollar raised for a total of $5,650! 

Red Cross week is about celebrating and recognizing the invaluable work of the world’s larget humanitarian organization. The week also pays tribute to Henry Dunant, the Swiss businessman who founded the Red Cross Movement, marking his birthday on May 8th with World Red Cross Day. 

For more information on the Canadian Red Cross and to donate to this great cause, please visit their website.


Does your organization have a strong safety culture?

Your safety culture reflects your organization’s collective response to workplace safety and is evident in shared beliefs, behaviours and values your employees exhibit surrounding safety. A solid safety culture is a good indicator that your workplace injury prevention programs are hitting home with your employees, and while this at times can be difficult to measure, Mark Middlesworth, founder of Ergonomics Plus, provides a quick guide to help you gauge your own safety culture. Check out his slides below:


It’s the right thing to do!

We’ve all heard of a Dental Hygienist, but what about an Industrial Hygienist? Watch this video created by American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) which explains the very important and crucial role industrial hygienists play in maintaining a safe work environment.

This video’s timely release coincides with NAOSH Week which takes aim at improving education and awareness surrounding health and safety issues in the workplace.


U.S. hospitals realizing it pays to measure quality of care

Ahead of a value-based purchasing initiative to begin for Medicare in 2014 under the federal government’s Affordable Care Act, hospitals across the U.S. should be taking a long, hard look at their quality processes and how they measure their success. Value-based purchasing under the U.S. healthcare reform means Medicare will start paying institutions more for scoring high on a series of measures that indicate patient care, and will pay less to those who do not meet the quality benchmarks.

While quality of health care is important if only to ensure patients receive satisfactory care, a few hospitals in the U.S. who earnestly measure their quality processes are starting to notice an additional benefit to ensuring the utmost care is delivered. One successful case is Detroit’s Henry Ford Health Systems, which launched a quality improvement program in 2008 called the “No Harm Campaign”. The program sought to improve patient care … Read more...