About Jonna Pedersen

Jonna Pedersen – Killeen is Manager, Customer Success, at Intelex Technologies. She is a tenured relationship manager and is inspired by companies that strive to keep people safe and happy and connected. She implemented a technical training course for the CSM team and was involved in the implementation of a new Customer Onboarding Program. The tech industry is always evolving, and Jonna embraces change. Although she has worked for companies in industries such as car rentals, uniform rentals, safety products to online recruitment strategies), technology has captured her interest. Being a part of a movement of change towards safer workplaces and leveraging technology to establish better Quality and Environmental processes challenges her to think outside of the box every single day.

Intelex Customer Success: Breaking New Ground and Finding Better Business Value

a female call centre worker takes a call.

Customer Success (CS) is a vital part of the relationship Intelex has with its customers. The goal of CS is to provide customers with the knowledge they need to be successful during initial implementation and beyond.

Customer Success manages the business relationship with the customer, prevents churn, and identifies opportunities for growth during the contract lifecycle. Therefore, CS is the most direct interaction we have with our customers, which makes the CS team a crucial contributor to providing real business and customer value.

Yet, with Customer Success being a relatively new job title that has only been around for a few years, the concept of “best practices” is still developing. This can make it difficult to make sure all the members of the CS team are on the same page in terms of their understanding of the role. With 16 team members … Read more...