Environmental Incident and Emergency Response Content Available on the Intelex-Exchange

Free Environmental Incident and Emergency Response Scorecards and Configurable Reports are now available on the Intelex-Exchange. Click here for instructions on how to upload them directly into your Intelex System.

Environmental Incidents – Current vs. Previous Year Incidents by Type
Environmental Incidents – Current vs. Previous Year Incidents by Month
Environmental Incidents – Current Year vs. Previous Year Incidents grouped by Status
Environmental Incidents – Current Year Incidents Spills vs. Non-Spills

Environmental Incidents – Incidents Last 60 Days
Environmental Incidents – Current Year Incidents by Location
Environmental Incidents – Incidents by Emergency Situation
Environmental Incidents – Current Year Spills
Environmental Incidents – Current Year Incidents by Status
Environmental Incidents – Incident Approval in Next 30 days
Environmental Incidents – Current Year Closed Incident History
Environmental Incidents – All Overdue Incidents
Environmental Incidents – Incidents Related to Standard Nonconformances
Environmental Incidents – Related Incident Corrective and Preventive Actions Read more...

New Operational Control Content Added to the Intelex-Exchange

Free Operational Control Scorecards and Configurable Reports are now available on the Intelex-Exchange.  Click here to read up on how to import these tools directly into your Intelex System.


Operational Control – Current Year Scheduled Equipment Maintenance
Operational Control – Overdue Equipment Maintenance


Operational Control – Equipment Maintenance List
Operational Control – Scheduled Equipment Maintenance next 90 days
Operational Control – Upcoming Maintenance by Person Responsible
Operational Control – Equipment Maintenance History
Operational Control – Overdue Equipment Maintenance

Free Management Review Scorecards and Configurable Reports

Free Management Review Scorecards and Configurable Reports are now available on the Intelex-Exchange.  Learn how to import them directly into your Intelex System for effective Management Review Meeting reporting. 

Management Review – Overdue Scheduled Reviews
Management Review – Overdue Follow Ups
Management Review – Current Year Scheduled vs. Completed Meetings by Type
Management Review – Current Year Completed vs. Scheduled Meetings by Month

Management Review – Current Year Scheduled Reviews by Meeting Type
Management Review – Previous Year Reviews
Management Review – Follow Up History
Management Review – Current Year Follow Ups by Meeting
Management Review – Follow Ups Next 90 Days
Management Review – Completed Follow Ups Last 30 Days

Updated Incident Reporting Content Available on Intelex-Exchange

If you're looking for timely, relevant, and accurate information to help better streamline your organization’s incident reporting, import our newly created EHS Dashboards, Scorecards, and Configurable Reports directly into your Intelex System.


Incident Reporting Dashboard (1)
Incident Reporting Dashboard (2)

Incident Reporting – Number of Incidents by Month Current Year vs. Previous Year
Incident Reporting – Preventable Vehicle Incident Comparison
Incident Reporting – Current Year vs. Previous Year by Category
Incident Reporting – Total Overdue Incidents
Incident Reporting – Number of Vehicle Incidents by Weather Condition
Incident Reporting – Number of Injury/Illness Incidents by Employee Type
Incident Reporting – Injury/Illness Incidents by Incident Type and Location
Incident Reporting – Vehicle Incident Rate
Incident Reporting – Total Number of Days Away by Location
Incident Reporting – Incidents by Body Part
Incident Reporting – Vehicle Incident Cost Current Year vs. Previous Year 

Incident Reporting –

Free Intelex 5 Webinars!

Intelex is happy to announce that our free version 5 training webinars are back and better than ever!

Whether you’re looking for a high level overview of new functionality or would prefer more comprehensive instruction on one or two specific features, what tops our holiday wish list is having you get the most out of your Intelex 5 system.

Upcoming 2009 webinars include:

  • Introduction to Intelex 5 | 20-Jan-09 | 2:00 pm ET
  • Centralized Setup & Home Pages | 05-Feb-09 | 2:00 pm ET
  • Scorecard Frenzy! | 19-Feb-09 | 2:00 pm ET
  • A Message or Discussion Away | 12-Mar-09 | 2:00 pm ET
  • Go Metrics with Calculation Editor | 20-Mar-09 | 2:00 pm ET

Don’t miss out!  To view course details and register online, check out the Intelex-Exchange today.  If you don’t already have access to Intelex-Exchange, click here to submit a request. 

We’re looking forward to your participation in …

2009: The Year for Environmental Change?

According to a recent article published by the BBC, the fight against climate change could get a much needed shot in the arm should a proposed European Union (EU) climate deal pass European Parliament legislation. 

In an effort to reduce emissions before irreparable climatic damage occurs, “the plan, agreed at a Brussels summit … [commits] the EU to cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20% by 2020.  It must also raise renewable sources to 20% of total energy use and achieve a 20% cut in energy use.” 

In light of President-elect Barack Obama assuring Americans of stringent environmental policies forthcoming in the United States, the proposed EU deal, although criticized for, “not [going] far enough”, provides reason for optimism and emphatically affirms that global responsibility is needed to effect positive environmental change.

As always, this responsibility falls largely on the shoulders of industry.  Effectively helping your organization manage this responsibility is … Read more...

Intelex’s Hosting Environment: Steady, Reliable, Trustworthy

Name something you would commonly associate with reliable data hosting?  Survey says…

  1. Security
  2. Performance
  3. Redundancy
  4. Capacity

Ok, maybe it’s a stretch to think we'd all come up with the items on this list, but for organizations (and particularly their IT folks) concerned with the security and integrity of the data they entrust Intelex with, it’s a list we’re confident they’d like to see as it reflects the recent enhancements made to our already steady and trustworthy hosting environment. 

Having opened a second SAS 70 Type II certified environment in Herndon, Virginia this past August, the first being in San Antonio, Texas, Intelex is in a position to effectively meet and surpass the hosting needs required by our rapidly growing client base according to Mike Hicks, Executive Vice President of Information Technology. More thoroughly, Mike explains that, “having a geographically diverse environment gives us more capacity, provides improved performance, and adds … Read more...


Intelex is extremely excited to announce that preliminary planning for our first ever user conference has begun!

Tentatively scheduled for late summer/early fall 2009 in beautiful Toronto, Canada (exact dates and venue to be determined), we envision bringing all of our valued clients together for this inaugural event in an effort to build and further strengthen the Intelex community. 

Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll be able to expect:

  • Discussion on the direction and focus of Intelex Technologies Inc.
  • Address from EQH&S industry members
  • Industry best practices
  • Training sessions
  • Moderated discussion groups
  • Breakout sessions
  • Success stories
  • Social/networking activities and more!

If you’re interested in attending the conference, providing any suggestions and/or input, or would like to remain apprised of upcoming conference news, email the Client Relations Team at client.relations@intelex.com.  Our goal is to make this event one that’s informative, enjoyable, and most importantly, of value to our entire … Read more...

Enhance your Performance Dashboards with Metrics

Whether ascribing to government and/or industry regulatory standards, Intelex’s Performance Dashboards work to quickly and accurately assess how your organization measures up. 

Performance Dashboards can be built from any of the twenty one different Scorecards the Intelex Reporting Suite offers, Metric Scorecards being the most powerful.  As its name suggests, Metric Scorecards, along with Metric Columns, allow Intelex users to hone in on the metrics and key performance indicators vital to their organization’s success. 

Now, try to imagine a single page within your Intelex System where all EQH&S metrics pertinent to your own organization can be referred to.  Dan Marcus, one of Intelex's Account Managers did just that.  Check out his Performance Dashboard made up entirely of Metric Scorecards:

It's safe to assume Dashboards like these can be of benefit to any organization.  If you haven’t started using Metric Scorecards to enhance EQH&S reporting, start small and see what they … Read more...

Free Legal and Other Requirement Dashboard and Scorecards!

Legal and Other Requirement Dashboards and Scorecards are now available for free download on the Intelex-Exchange.  Import them directly into your Intelex System to get the most out of your Legal and Other Requirements Intelex Module. 

Legal and Other Requirement Dashboard

Metric Scorecard
Legal and Other Requirements – Metric Scorecard

Configurable Report Scorecards
Overdue Legal Requirements
Overdue Other Requirements
Overude Permits by Reapply Date
Legal Requirements – Next Year
Legal Requirement History – Current Year
Other Requirements – Current Year
Upcoming Legal Requirements – Current Year
Permit Renewal – Current Year
Overdue Permit Activities – Current Year

Graphical Scorecards
Legal Requirements by Type – Current Year
Legal Requirements – Current and Upcoming Year
All Overdue Legal Requirements
Other Requirements – Current and Upcoming Year
All Overdue Legal Requirements
All Overdue Permits
Permits – Current and Upcoming Year
All Overdue Permit Activities
Permit Activity by Month – Current and