Workers’ Memorial Day: Remembering the Dead, Fighting for the Living

On April 28 every year, the world pauses to remember and honor the workers who have died from workplace injuries and illnesses. The day serves as a reminder that we must work together to achieve safer and healthier workplaces and a more sustainable world.  

At Intelex, we’ve dedicated our careers to preventing death on the job and protecting the planet. We are proud sponsors of the National Safety Council’s Work to Zero initiative, which helps educate employers about new technological safety advancements that promise to reduce and ultimately end workplace deaths by the year 2050. For 30 years, Intelex has understood that data and technology play a critical role in reducing workplace incidents, making an aspirational goal like zero workplace deaths by 2050 achievable.  

Each year, on Workers’ Memorial Day, we stop to remember why we are so passionate about our work. 

According to the International Labour Organization, an …

Permit to Work Boosts Safety by Design Strategies

Permit to work is a formal process that identifies, communicates and mitigates risk.
Permit to work is a formal process that identifies, communicates and mitigates risk for workers completing non-routine tasks in potentially hazardous work areas.

As companies pursue more proactive and preventive safety strategies such as Safety by Design, they are looking for new processes and methods such as Permit to Work software, to help make it happen.

Keeping workers healthy, happy and safe should be a strong governance focus within every company’s ESG strategy. In 2019, over 27% of the 5,333 worker fatalities in the U.S. were due to workplace hazards such as getting struck or caught in objects or equipment (14%), exposure to harmful substances or environments (12%) or injury from fire and explosion (2%). And for every hazard-related worker fatality, there were 20 to 60 times as many non-fatal incidents that created costly and disruptive downtime and absences from work. So, despite an increased emphasis on improving worker … Read more...