Leaders 2 Leaders The Network: Successful Mobile Rollout 

The adoption of mobile technology allows Wizz Air to immediately report on and record flight information and incidents, even when employees are off-line.

Akos Steigervald, System Administrator and FDM manager, is the main point of contact at Wizz Air for Intelex Technologies. Wizz Air, with its 6,400+ employees, is a Central-Eastern European airline with its head office in Budapest, Hungary. The airline, which carried 21.7 million customers in 2021, serves many cities across Europe, as well as some destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. 

Steigervald recently shared information about Wizz Air’s successful mobile rollout during a Leaders2Leaders The Network session with other Intelex customers. These sessions feature a series of interactive, customer-led sessions that encourage best practice sharing, networking and collaboration with our Intelex European customers. The sessions – for users by users – offer insight, pro tips and more to help you get the most from our … Read more...

How to Get an EHS Audit in Minutes With AI

An environment, health and safety (EHS) audit is a crucial element in an organization’s overall effort to ensure the health and safety of its workforce, to reduce its effect on the environment and to meet the many legal regulations set out by EHS agencies as well as other government agencies. Done properly, an EHS audit can confirm which processes and procedures are in place and working well.

Even more importantly, an EHS audit can identify areas of improvement that need to be addressed before any problems arise – problems that can result in hefty monetary fines, crippling reputational damage, or worst of all, worker injuries and fatalities.

Unfortunately, the traditional EHS audit process can be hampered by issues that threaten its efficiency and effectiveness. The expected amount of time to do an audit tends to be underestimated, especially the time required to properly prepare which can lead to incomplete evaluations. … Read more...

Compliance or Risk Auditing: What Is the Best Approach?

Companies need audit management to understand the safety management system and evaluate compliance with internal requirements and external regulations.

Safety program audit management provides confidence to organizations that operational risks are measured through sufficient identification, control, monitoring and governance. Audits are conducted to better understand the safety management system and evaluate the level of compliance with internal requirements and external regulations. Such audits utilize audit protocols to understand problems to correct any deficiency before a loss or a compliance issue is experienced. 

Safety auditing is conducted usually for the following reasons:

  • Ensuring compliance to the requirements of internal, international, and industry standards & regulations, and customer requirements
  • To determine the effectiveness of the implemented system in meeting specified objectives (safety, quality, environmental, financial)
  • To explore opportunities for improvement
  • To meet statutory and regulatory requirements
  • To provide feedback to senior management

Compliance Versus Risk-Based Audting

There are two main channels of …

Compliance Is the Road Map to Business Success

Compliance software is the road map to business success.
If we accept that environment, health and safety and quality (EHSQ) strategies are journeys toward business success, then it makes sense that compliance software is the road map helping you to get there.

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Quality is a journey, not a destination.” If this is remotely true, then the waypoints on this journey are better products, happier customers and lower costs all of which lead to business success. It is easy to repeat the journey metaphor in the spheres of worker health and safety along with corporate sustainability, either of which are proven paths to business success. So, if we accept that environment, health and safety and quality (EHSQ) strategies are journeys toward business success, then it makes sense that compliance is the road map helping you to get there.

In business, compliance means conforming to rules and regulations. These could be in the form … Read more...

Expert Advice about Using Control of Work to Leverage Your Safety Performance

Don’t miss our next Expert Connect session on July 14: Leveraging Safety Performance through Control of Work.

For most safety and health professionals, regardless of career maturity, their role most likely is involved with building management systems and implementing programs based on the risks residing in the work system.

For the July session of Expert Connect, we will explore an essential, but often overlooked, part of the safety management system called Control Of Work (COW). COW is used to request, review, authorize, document and control risks before tasks are performed by the worker. In addition, we will look at more granular elements like permit to work, hazards identification, isolation management and risk assessment.

COW has quickly become an identified best practice across the globe to gain and maintain better control of worker safety. This is a session you don’t want to miss, according to one of our panelists, Eric Fishman, … Read more...