On the Road Again…Busy Conference Season for Intelex Continues!

We had a fantastic and eventful start to the conference season last week. The Intelex team is hitting the road once again this week. This time we will be making stops in Nashville, Tennessee for ASQ 2015 World Conference on Quality and Improvement and beautiful Banff, Alberta for the Petroleum Safety Conference (PSC).

See below for details and if you are attending be sure to stop by the Intelex booth and say hi to the team!

ASQ 2015 World Conference on Quality and Improvement
May  3- 6, Gaylord Opryland Resrt & Convention Center, Nashville
Intelex Booth Number: 719

The American Society for Quality (ASQ)  conference brings together quality professionals from around the world to share experiences and strategies on improving manufacturing quality and creating more efficient, leaner processes while also giving attendees the chance to network with 2,500 of the world’s leaders in quality.  Intelex will be exhibiting and spreading the word on how we can help organizations save time, reduce costs and improve quality.

Stop by our booth #719 where our Quality Solution Specialists; Adam VanderBurgt & Alex O’Dell will be accompanied by Product Owner Mastan Kalsi and Global Marketing Specialist Angela Curtis to discuss how Intelex can help your organization save time, reduce costs and improve quality.

Join us on Monday May 4th at 11:00 a.m where Mastan Kalsi along with Adam VanderBurgt will deliver a product presentation on Ensuring Supplier Performance and Compliance.

After a long day, why not kick back and join the Intelex team for dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse on Monday May 4th at 7:00pm. For more information, feel free to stop by our booth or contact angela.curtis@intelex.com

Petroleum Safety Conference (PSC) Banff 2015
May 5-7, The Banff Center, Banff Alberta
Intelex Booth Number: 132

Billed as “Canada’s premiere oil and gas safety conference and tradeshow” the Petroleum Safety Conference (PSC) is designed to promote health and safety within the oil and gas industry. You can find the Intelex team at booth #132 and meet with our Safety Solution Specialists Andrew Gaudet & Gurpreet Lalwani who will be joined by our Director of Product Marketing, Jason Dea. Stop by for a live demo and learn how Intelex can help organizations create safer working environments.

Following the show, we will be hosting a dinner at Banff Ave. Brewing Co on Tuesday May 5th at 8:00pm.  Join us for an evening filled with great food, drinks, interesting discussions and good company. For more information contact Jason.dea@intelex.com or drop by our booth to inquire with our team.

On the Road Again…Busy Conference Season for Intelex Continues!

Intelex Challenges PointClickCare to May Fitbit Challenge!

If there’s one thing, we love at Intelex it’s definitely a little healthy competition and adding some fun to the mix.

Earlier this year Intelex and members of the Tech Community began participating in the #TechStepsUp Fitbit Challenge.

For those of you reading this post that aren’t aware of the challenge, here this skinny: For the companies participating, all competitors are equipped with Fitbits that track and record steps taken and automatically uploads detailed stats to a company dashboard. Total scores are calculated at the end of each month and a winner is named.

This month we are going to shake things up a bit and go toe-to-toe with PointClickCare. It will be a “fight to the finish” as the saying goes.

The rules are simple. The company with the most average Fitbit steps per person at the end of May will be the winner.

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining there is no doubt everyone will be stepping up their game with lots of time outside.

The “#TechStepsUp” Fitbit challenge was started by Intelex as a way to create camaraderie and generate some friendly competition within the Tech community. The other upside is the healthier bodies and happier minds. If you and your company wants to join in on the fun send us a tweet!

Let the Games begin!

Follow us on Twitter @Intelex and use the hashtag #techstepsup for daily updates.

Intelex Challenges PointClickCare to May Fitbit Challenge!

Mental Health Month, New BSEE Regulations, California GHG Reduction and More!

On this week’s edition of EHS This Week we’ve got the week’s top stories in environment, health and safety news:

  • Mental Health Month
  • Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
  • New BSEE Regulations for U.S. Offshore Oil
  • California Green House Gas Emissions Cuts

Remember to write us with your suggestions, questions and comments. Also, if you are an industry expert and ever want to take part in the program, we’d love to have you. Until next week, enjoy the program!

EHS This Week Resources

For more information on the stories and resources mentioned in this week’s podcast, check out the links below.

  • May is Mental Health Month. Click here
  • Motorcycle Tips for Workers. Click here.
  • New BSEE Regulations for U.S. Offshore Oil. Click here
  • California Targets Green House Gas Reduction. Click here

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Sharing Best Practices in Mining Safety

Sharing information and best practices can be the key to safety success!

In the world of environmental, health and safety, sharing information can have an amazing ripple effect across an industry. It gives companies the ability to learn from the experiences of other companies. In some cases, this can be the difference between life and death for workers, or it can prevent devastating environmental incidents. Overall, we are stronger when we work together towards EHS excellence.

More Collaboration Desired in Ontario Mining Sector

The mining sector is an example of an industry that stands to realize significant benefits if further information-sharing initiatives are implemented. However, sharing information can appear counter-intuitive for companies struggling to do business in a competitive market.

“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” – Douglas Adams

Earlier this month, the results of a provincial mining safety review were released in Ontario, Canada.The final report seems to touch briefly on some information-sharing initiatives, such as the maintenance of a mining exposure database to track and monitor potential cancer causing toxins. But it appears that several in the industry think that there’s much more that can – and should – be done in this area.

Frank Demers, a mine manager employed by Vale, took part in the mine safety review process. In speaking with CBC News he described safety standards and procedures as inconsistent across companies. “We’ve gotten much better at sharing over the past three or four years, but prior to that we liked to hold our cards close to our chests,” said Demers.

Also weighing in on the issue of industry collaboration was George Gritziotis, Chief Prevention Officer at the Ontario Ministry of Labour: “Health and safety is a continuous journey of improvement, and we must always monitor emerging health and safety issues and continue to move towards a culture of all parties working together to find sustainable solutions.”

As the top location for mining investment and production in Canada,Ontario’s mining industry employs approximately 27,000 people, with another 50,000 jobs in supply chains and support activities. That’s a lot of people who could be learning from each other’s experiences!

Tammy Eger, Director of the Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health at Laurentian University, has suggested a next step for information-sharing in the Ontario mine industry. She’d like to see the Centre become a repository of safety information for mining companies to consult, and to ensure that any academic studies are translated into the kind of practical language that could be made useful within the industry.

The Aviation Industry is Leading the Way

The aviation industry leads the way when it comes to information-sharing.

We’ve seen the power of sharing information and best practices in other industries, notably the aviation industry. Rather than relying on accident investigations to guide safety improvements, voluntary reporting programs have resulted in safety issues being resolved before they result in an accident, through corrective action rather than discipline.

The Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) system is an excellent example. Created by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2007, ASIAS now has 44 members and uses aggregate, protected data from industry and government voluntary reporting programs to proactively find safety issues, identify safety enhancements and measure the effectiveness of solutions.

The Power of Information-Sharing

At Intelex, we are firm believers in the positive impact that information-sharing can have on environmental, health and safety performance. Our Intelex-Exchange online user community is proof of this: a collaborative platform that is both social and educational, Intelex-Exchange connects Intelex users in similar industries, roles or locations and facilitates the sharing of best practices. We’ve also seen the power of information-sharing at our annual user conference, where EHS professionals have the opportunity to network and learn from one another.

Information-sharing may not always come naturally, and this can be particularly true in highly competitive industries.

But with so much to gain, why not start the conversation?

Sharing Best Practices in Mining Safety

Intelex Kicks Off Conference Series

Today marks the beginning of a jam packed month of Intelex tradeshows! We started off our 2015 circuit with a bang at the NAEM EHS and Sustainability Software Conference in February which prepared us to dive head first into the next two weeks of industry events. Take a look at the two shows we have lined up this week and let us know if you’ll be in attendance. We’d love the chance to meet up!

Partners in Prevention
April 28th -29th
The International Center, Mississauga Ontario

Partners in Prevention is your go-to conference for all things safety. Bringing together more than 4,000 Canadian, U.S. and other international safety professionals, it’s remained an annual event for Intelex. We’ve got an all-star crew in attendance including Safety Solution Specialists Ryan Reeve, Ben Hamel and Tiago Casimiro. Make sure to come by booth #605 and chat with our team about how Intelex can help keep you and your employees safe. We’ll be hosting live demonstrations of our products including Intelex EverSync, which gives you the freedom to seamlessly track your data on the go!

Looking to relax at the end of a long conference day? Join us for some drinks and a bite to eat Tuesday, April 28th after the show. Reach out to angela.curtis@intelex.com or stop by the booth if you’d like more information.

AIAG Corporate Responsibility Summit for the Automotive Industry
April 29th – 30th
Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi Michigan

Two of our experts will be making the trip to Novi Michigan to show attendees just how Intelex can help in your corporate responsibility initiatives. Stop by booth #5 to chat with VP of Strategic Accounts, Steve Ross, accompanied by our new Director of Product Marketing, Jason Dea. Both will have all the information you need on audits, inspections, supplier management and the long list of products Intelex has available to the automotive industry. (You’ll also get a chance to win our grand-prize at the end of the show!!)

Join us and our SiteHawk partners on Wednesday, April 29th at NOVI Chophouse! Let’s wind down and have some fun, dinner and drinks on us! Contact jason.dea@intelex.com for more information or stop by the booth and inquire with the team.

Next on the lineup is the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement and Enform’s Petroleum Safety Conference. Stay tuned for more details! You can also keep up to date on the whereabouts of Intelex on our events page. We hope to catch up with you while we’re on the road!

What Has ISO 9001 Done for Me Lately?

I know…you’ve all been wondering – What has ISO 9001 done for me lately? 

Well, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a wild ride. The new ISO 9001:2015 standard is not just about compliance. It’s about implementing a Quality Management System that is practical, proactive, and progressive. With the release date of September 15, 2015, we, as quality professionals and organizations are excited about what could be possible and how the new standard can help transform our businesses. All of this despite the 3 year grace period to adopt the new standard.

There are many reasons for this building excitement.

First, it puts an end to those confusing debates that I’m sure you’ve had at some point about whether an action was a corrective action or a preventive action. What is the difference? If you identify the root cause of the problem and take appropriate action to prevent occurrence, is that action a corrective action, a preventive action, or both? If you take immediate action to contain a particular nonconformance to prevent it from reaching your customers, is this action merely a containment that is part of your Corrective Action plan?

The new version of the standard puts an end to this confusion and replaces Preventive Action with Risk Based approach and Risk Based thinking. In this regard, a Risk Based approach introduces longer term thinking that is also collaborative with cross-functional team members. This approach is longer term in nature as it focuses on the identification of existing and potential risks as well as opportunities, so that actions can be taken as required to either mitigate risks or take advantage of identified opportunities.

Imagine all the time you’ll save! You can now put that effort towards meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

Secondly, ISO 9001:2015 no longer prescribes that a Quality Manual be created and maintained in order to become certified. The standard only now requires that organizations define the context of their organization as it applies to their ISO 9001 certification.

Really, it is up to each organization to determine the amount of documentation required to demonstrate compliance and that it can vary from one organization to the next based on a number of factors (such as complexity, size, industry, etc.). Companies can still create and maintain their Quality Manual however this change in the standard gives organizations more flexibility to determine what works best for them based on their individual needs and value derived from activities like creating the Quality Manual. Ultimately, the new standard is giving organizations the opportunity to define how they want to best represent their business while maximizing how they use their resources in a way that delivers optimal quality to their customers.  In the end, it’s all about customer satisfaction.

The new standard also shifts from being manufacturing-centric to being both goods-and-services-centric. This is achieved by replacing terminology associated with “product” to “goods and services” throughout the standard. Whether your organization delivers healthcare, consulting, financial services or manufactures printed circuit boards, the new standard applies to a broad new spectrum of businesses. This represents a great opportunity for new companies to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification as the certification will enable them to demonstrate to global markets that they have achieved a globally recognized standard accepted as good business practice and can be a basic requirement in order to participate and compete in certain market segments.

Another interesting change has been made to the clauses in the standard. ISO has attempted to use universal clause numbers to address the same requirements in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001.  This will help organizations to streamline their ambitions to become certified in one or more world class standards with shorter implementation times and optimal use of constrained resources.

With all of these elements at play, a robust Quality Management System that integrates these requirements in a comprehensive way can help transform these organizations to become a leader in their industry, exceed customer requirements, increase profits, demonstrate compliance to interested stakeholders, and establish new sources of differentiation and competitive advantage. Organizations need to strategically identify the best approach to operate their existing or new Quality Management System in their company. It may be time to replace that old paper based system with an automated workflow solution that incorporates the subject matter expertise embedded in ISO 9001:2015 and easily scaled across other departments, facilities, and even geographic business units depending on the size of the organization.

So with all this in mind, here are 5 tips to help your business get ready to achieve ISO 9001:2015:

  1. Determine the objectives and goals that you would like to achieve as a result of becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified. Identify how this will support the vision of your organization and what it will mean for your current and future customer base.
  2. Purchase a new copy of the ISO 9001:2015 standard after it is released in September to become familiar with the requirements. If necessary, work with a consultant or research online to help you determine what the standard means and how it will help your company grow.
  3. Determine what it will take to help your company achieve certification. This may mean investment in new equipment, software, training, and potentially hiring employees.
  4. Always evaluate your options available to you on the market. We live in a competitive world today. It is in your best interest to compare and evaluate what options you have available to you to ensure that your requirements will be met and you are getting maximum value out of your ISO 9001:2015 implementation and ultimately your Quality Management System that should bring you increasing value for years to come.
  5. Remain committed and persistent to achieve your goals. Sometimes, it’s difficult to recognize the forest from the trees. Take the time to step back and look at your organization’s projected path and how ISO 9001:2015 fits in with that puzzle.

To learn more about the changes coming in ISO 9001:2015 and what Intelex can offer, register for our upcoming webinar on April 30, 2015 – “ISO 9001:2015 How to Successfully Prepare your Business“.

Look forward to discussing this topic further during the webinar!


What Has ISO 9001 Done for Me Lately?

NIOSH Conference, OSHA Update, MSHA Mine Safety Data and More!

On this week’s edition of EHS This Week we’ve got the week’s top stories in environment, health and safety news:

  • OSHA Plans to Update Eye and Face Protection
  • NIOSH Co-Hosting Occupational Stress and Health Conference
  • MSHA Releases 2014 Preliminary Mine Safety Data
  • California Launches Return-to_Work Supplement Program

Remember to write us with your suggestions, questions and comments. Also, if you are an industry expert and ever want to take part in the program, we’d love to have you. Until next week, enjoy the program!

EHS This Week Resources

For more information on the stories and resources mentioned in this week’s podcast, check out the links below.

  • OSHA Updates Eye and Face Protection Plan. Click here
  • NIOSH Stress and Health Conference . Click here.
  • MSHA Mine Safety Data. Click here
  • California Return-to-Work Program. Click here

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