Second-Class Protection: The Lack of PPE for Women

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a crucial source of protection for workers to minimize the risk of workplace injuries. It’s essential that workers have properly fitting PPE in order to stay protected against these risks. However, women are facing serious disadvantages when it comes to PPE because of the lack of protective equipment designed specifically for females.

The reasoning is that PPE and clothing are often designed for the average-sized male or come in unisex sizing. However, protective equipment designed for men doesn’t always fit women correctly because of their differences in body size and composition. The lack of PPE for women is also attributed to the low number of women in industries that require PPE, such as construction.

A recent article in Safety and Health Magazine stated that “according to OSHA, in 2010 about 9 percent of workers – or 818,000 – in the construction industry were women. Of … Read more...