Fiscal Year 2012: A ‘Social’ Year in Review

As the Fiscal year closes organizations often take time to look back and celebrate the success of the year that has past. One area that is often over-looked (and for good business reasons) is the social calendar.

After a Poll of Random Intelexians, here are what we think are the Top 6 Intelex Social Events of 2012:

  1. Holiday Party RetreatAfter last year’s unbelievable weekend in Deerhurst, this could be the most anticipated event of Fiscal Year 2013!
  2. Vision Meeting Taking place each November Intelex’s Vision Meeting is an opportunity for our organization to gear up and focus on our Goals and strategic plans for the coming year. Below is a link for Vision Meeting 2011!
  3. User ConferenceEvery September we cherish the opportunity to connect and strengthen our bond with our customers. This is an event focused on best practices of our software, and showing some appreciation

Sustainability as a business opportunity

Thinking of bringing your business to a more sustainable place?

The best starting place for any business leader to embrace sustainability is to shift away from looking at sustainability in terms of how much it will cost, and towards assessing the returns it will generate.

Consider the phenomenon known as the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) which emerged in the field of quality management in the late 1980s. COPQ can be thought of as follows: by neglecting the importance of quality, an organization literally pays to generate waste and other problems, often in the form of scraps, reworks, recalls, rejects, reworks, service calls, warranty claims and more. Similarly, in the realm of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability of environmental, social and economic responsibility, organizations essentially commit capital to generate waste. Not a great investment, especially when sustainability actually presents a ton of revenue-generating opportunities.

Since the purview of sustainable …

GRI releases updated sustainability reporting guidelines

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) released its newest, most comprehensive set of sustainability reporting guidelines yesterday, giving organizations around the world better direction towards sharing their sustainability accomplishments.

The G3.1 guidelines are considered both an update and completion of the third generation of GRI’s guidelines. The scope of G3.1 has been expanded to provide more comprehensive guidance on reporting details related to various organizational impacts, especially areas such as human rights, local community, and gender, enabling greater transparency on these and other issues. This is the first major update of the guidelines since the release of the G3 guidelines in October 2006.

Use this document, which helps organizations to produce relevant reports more easily, to determine if the expanded terms in G3.1 are relevant to your organization. Also check out this G3/G3.1 comparison chart to review the changes to the newest set of guidelines.

Since the GRI launched over …