6 Ways the Wrong Software Vendor Can Cost You

Man at Computer

Selecting the right software and software vendor can be a challenging task.

The right software can help streamline your projects, keep your workforce safer, lower your negative environmental impact and empower your organization. On the other hand, the wrong software can impede your workforce and ultimately prevent you from delivering a quality product or service to your customers.

On average, bad software costs the U.S economy over $60 Billion annually.

We’ve outlined six ways selecting the wrong software vendor can cost you:

1. Business Disruption

Selecting, purchasing and implementing new software requires a great deal of time and often involves many people from across the organization. Poorly executed implementations can impact the productivity of key project stakeholders by diverting their attention from their primary responsibilities, impacting project timelines and regular operations.

Rather than improving efficiency, software that does not meet requirements may force your users to consider additional software … Read more...