Top 10 OSHA Violations for 2015 Include Fall Protection, Hazard Communication

OSHA recently released the Top 10 most cited standards for their 2015 fiscal year. Making the always-anticipated announcement was Patrick Kapust, deputy director of OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs. As is now tradition, the announcement took place at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo, which this year was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

We saw very few changes in this year’s list when comparing it with last year’s list, with no movement in the top six OSHA violations on the list. The most cited OSHA violation was Fall Protection once again, but all top ten violations were repeat offenders and had all appeared on the 2014 list.

There was only one change in the order of citations and it was a small one, with the Ladders standard moving up the list from 8th place to 7th, trading places with the Electrical, Wiring Methods standard which was bumped from 7th to … Read more...

Preparing for a Surprise Workplace Inspection

Surprise inspections are a reality faced by businesses across a wide range of countries and industries. There’s always a lot riding on your ability to make a good impression on the person who knocks on your door with a checklist and a clipboard. What’s at stake will vary, but workplaces often face the prospect of fines, loss of customer business, damage to company reputation, and even prosecutions.

With all of this in mind, being prepared to the best of your ability is vital!

Know the Odds

What is the likelihood that an inspector will arrive at your workplace tomorrow?  If they do, what will they be looking for? The more accurately you can answer these questions, the more likely it is that you’ll be ready if they do show up!

There are several pieces of information you can use to predict the odds of being targeted for a surprise inspection. … Read more...

Deadly East Harlem Gas Explosion, New OSHA Whistleblower Protection for Food Industry, Peru’s Illegal Gold Mining Protests, and more on EHS This Week!

On this week’s edition of EHS This Week we’ve got the week’s top stories in environment, health and safety news:

  • Deadly East Harlem gas explosion
  • New OSHA whistleblower protection for food industry
  • U.S. Coast Guard cruise ship inspections
  • Peru’s illegal gold mining protests
  • EU-OSHA announces their 2020 goals
  • New deaths in the telecommunications tower industry
  • Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 update

Remember to write us with your suggestions, questions and comments. Also, if you are an industry expert and ever want to take part in the program, we’d love to have you.

Until next week, enjoy the program!

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