The ‘Great Resignation’ Part One: What Steps Is Your Organization Taking to Retain and Entice Employees?

Recognizing the strain resignations are placing on their workers and ability to produce goods, many organizations are addressing employee turnover proactively.
What if your organization experienced as much as 50 percent employee turnover this year? What if that number was 70 percent or higher? As an EHS or quality professional, that would be a nightmare and these days, not an impossible scenario.

If you’ve read our new e-Book, “The ROI of Safety: Making the Business Case for Safety and Health,” you’ll know—if you didn’t already—that the actual hard costs of injuries are but a drop in the bucket when it comes to the combined total of hard and soft costs related to serious workplace injuries and fatalities. Recruiting, onboarding, training, retraining, production slowdowns, disrupted supply chain schedules and more can double or even triple the actual medical cost of an injury.

The same is true of the “Great Resignation.” We’ve all heard that many employees did not return to their jobs when pandemic-related layoffs ended. These workers decided … Read more...