How Zebra’s Rugged Mobile Devices Can Drive Worker Connectivity, Optimize Workflows and Enhance Operations in EHSQ

Zebra's Rugged Devices and EHSQ

When staying connected can mean the difference between making life-and death decisions in real-time or in near-real-time, EHS leaders can rest assured that they can turn to rugged devices as the solution.

Do your employees need to stay connected to their Intelex platform and applications when they are working in high-risk environments where a standard device can be damaged easily? If so, we’ve got some great news for you!

Enter Rugged Devices by Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies, a pioneer in the rugged technology market, is making strides by addressing the connectivity issues that many business leaders currently face with their field workers. They produce intrinsically safe rugged mobile computers, which, due to their reinforced outer casings coupled with their robust built-in software intelligence, can withstand extreme conditions and can operate with minimum disruption. Examples of their mobile computers include: handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted computers, tablets, mobility DNA apps and handheld Read more...