Don’t Let Your Incident Management System Sink Like the Titanic

Ask a group of people what caused the Titanic to sink and most will say, “An iceberg.” In reality, the Titanic tragedy was caused by a series of events—management failures, poor-quality construction, employee errors/lack of training, poor planning, and either failure to track incidents or the inability to analyze incident data in a meaningful way—that ended with the sinking of the ship.  

As explained in the new Insight Report, The Five Things You Need to Know about Incident Reporting and Management,” safety and environmental disasters rarely occur because of a single event or incident, which is why it’s critical to adopt an incident management system that identifies root causes and protects your business from future occurrences.  

Workplace incidents can be painful for injured employees, the environment, and your organization’s bottom line, but incident management and reporting doesn’t have to be a pain point for you. 

Effective incident reporting and risk management …

See How Root Cause Analysis Just Got a Lot Easier

Intelex recently announced the latest integration with TapRooT – a systematic process and software tool that enables customers to conduct detailed root cause analyses of injuries and other incidents.

Thanks to a new integration of TapRooT’s systematic process and software tool with Intelex, customers will now be able to enter an injury in Intelex, perform a detailed root cause analysis using TapRooT, and capture the result of the root cause analysis within Intelex.

The recently announced partnership allows customers to leverage Intelex’s powerful reporting and analytics foresight on injury and root cause data, ultimately producing better decisions and reducing the risk of repeat incidents, injuries and illnesses. The integration will also remove the administrative and record keeping hassle of managing two disparate incident and root cause analysis tools.

“This partnership provides customers an industry-leading, integrated solution for taking their injury and root cause analysis data to the next level. By … Read more...

Streamlining EHS incident management in the chemical industry

While comprehensive EHS management is critical in almost any industry, businesses in the chemical sector face a unique array of challenges. Since dangerous chemicals have direct impacts on human health, carry the potential of compromising safety, and also — improperly handled and contained — can result in significant negative environmental impacts, proactive EHS management is just a part of douing business for chemical companies.

That’s why we’ve put together a unique product demonstration of Intelex’s ENS Incident Management solutions. Hosted by our resident chemical expert Cristian Quinteros, our new webinar, EHS Incident Management in the Chemical Industry, covers all the bases, from capturing near misses to streamlining reporting and analysis and maintaining regulatory compliance.

You can view this on-demand webinar as well a library of other webinar presentations by visiting our webinar page.… Read more...