Dangerous Drivers: Roads Are Less Crowded but Riskier

Distracted drivers, the presence of greater numbers of bicyclists and pedestrians, and speeding have contributed to an increase in roadway fatalities.

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed an uptick in risky driving in the past couple of months. Although there are fewer cars on the roads, I’ve noticed drivers weaving in and out of traffic in alarming ways. My area has experienced multiple fatality crashes attributed to speeds of up to 100 mph. I’ve witnessed drivers ignoring traffic signals and traffic signs, cutting off other drivers, and generally behaving badly.

Apparently, it’s a thing: Preliminary estimates and data from the National Safety Council are showing emptier but riskier roads during COVID-19 pandemic. Despite fewer vehicles on the road, roadway deaths have increased.

Preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council show that as Americans began driving less and covering fewer miles, the emptier roads became more lethal. Early data indicate a … Read more...