“Documented Information” in ISO 9001:2015

In the transition from ISO 9001:2008 to 9001:2015, some key definitions have shifted to support the more holistic philosophy of the revision. In particular, references to “documentation,” the “Quality Manual,” “procedures,” and “records” have been replaced by the more nebulous “documented information.”

What does this mean? Should you get rid of your Quality Manual?

The short answer is no – you shouldn’t stop documenting your processes, and you shouldn’t toss your Quality Manual if it’s facilitating communication in your organization and helping you meet your quality goals! You should, however, feel as if the requirements can be adapted to your organization’s unique situation. The key question to ask, following clause 4.4, is: What information is necessary to support the operation of processes?

Rather than focusing on how the process itself is conducted, look at what information you need to determine whether the process outputs conform to their stated requirements. Additionally, … Read more...

Cermaq Serves Up Great Quality with Intelex

Barbeque salmon for dinner, anyone?

If you are a salmon lover, chances are you have eaten a Cermaq salmon. The company supplies to 70 countries around the world, providing more than 2.5 million salmon meals daily. Their vision is to provide the world with clean, healthy and sustainable food today and into the future.

Cermaq is one of the largest fish farming companies in the world, employing 4,200 workers worldwide and producing nearly 158,000 tons of salmon and trout each year through its locations in Norway, Canada and Chile with an operating revenue of US$1.16 billion.

To produce the highest-quality fish, Cermaq set out to improve its processes to achieve its strategic goals for quality and sustainability across a global footprint.

Cermaq was looking for a Quality Management Software system to help ensure the superiority of their products and in turn fulfil customer preferences. They set three initiatives for the … Read more...

The Value of an Integrated Approach to EHSQ Management

We need to take a different approach to managing Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) efforts. It involves doing away with the E – HS – Q siloed, fragmented approach where departments have little or no communication or collaboration amongst each other. Instead, take an approach that is based on all departments sharing data and working with each other in a highly cohesive and efficient way that saves time, money and effort.

The concept is known as an Integrated Environmental, Health and Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) management system.

In many companies, department leaders share many of the same concerns: fragmented technology, poor metrics, cultural challenges, inconsistent support of upper management, and siloed processes. Wouldn’t it make sense to manage these similar challenges – and look for shared opportunities – under one framework?

According to a recent report from LNS Research, organizations that adopt an integrated EHSQ management system achieve … Read more...