Common pitfalls of the business proposal

Trying to justify the purchase of a software purchase you know will help you do your job better? As we all know, getting approval from those that hold the purse strings can be a tough proposition, regardless of how great the proposed solution is.

Building your case, what you need to know is that your business proposal can make or break you chances of landing that coveted solution.

Since EHS and quality personnel are typically preoccupied with different day-to-day concerns than your average director, CEO or CFO, it is important to maintain a strong sense of the bottom line as the business proposal is created. Here’s a few critical tips and pitfalls often encountered in the composition and presentation of a business proposal:

  • A focus on software over ROI: While the particular advantages of the software solution under consideration are worth mentioning in the business proposal, it is fundamentally important software details do not distract from the most