Applying lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy

Though it has fallen off the mainstream news cycle, Hurricane Sandy continues to be felt throughout the northeastern seaboard. The cleanup is an ongoing effort, many are still without homes, and federal and state governments still struggle to get aid to those most affected. In the midst of all this, some are contemplating a permanent move from the region, anticipating Sandy is simply a harbinger of future, more severe storms.

On the eve of a legendary benefit concert poised to raise millions in support of Sandy relief, where sheer spectacle is bound to provide a welcome distraction from post-storm woes, it’s worth revisiting what lessons can actually be learned from the event, and applied to mitigate the impacts of future storms. While public safety is an obvious topic of discussion, what’s not assessed as regularly is the occupational health and safety component, and how preparedness can be extended outside the … Read more...

Intelex featured in Quality Magazine’s 2011 How-To Guide

Here on the Intelex Blog, we love to preach the benefits of ISO 9001 certification, and how the right software solutions help facilitate fast, stress-free conformance.

Those interested in learning more about how to achieve ISO 9001 certification are encouraged to check out the latest edition of Quality Magazine’s handy annual How To Guide.

Head over to Quality Magazine’s website to view the latest issue of Quality Magazine. Click on the “How To” tab on the right and – in addition to reading the rest of the valuable magazine and guide – go to page 19 to read “How to Ensure Effortless, Ongoing ISO 9001 Certification and Perpetual Audit Preparedness” to learn, well, just that!