How to Improve Safety Behaviors Using Positive Consequences

Improve safety behaviors using positive consequences
Clyde, like me, responds best to positive consequences such as praise or recognition when he exhibits the behaviors I require of him.

Like many people, I recently adopted a dog. Actually, I adopted a puppy that I named Clyde from a local dog rescue. One of the positive consequences of the pandemic is that adoptions of rescue dogs are at an all-time high.

Clyde came home with me at 14 weeks, a bundle of energy and affection who turned out to be a mix every dog breed I never wanted rolled into one, and I say that with affection and love.

I’m a big advocate of training, both for dogs and for people. I’ll even take it a step further: I’m a big advocate of positive training, for dogs and for people. Clyde is rewarded when he does something he’s ask to do: sit, stay, give paw, come when called, … Read more...