Are Workers Losing Lives and Limbs to Satisfy Production Goals?

In an article written by Issac Arnsdorf and co-published with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ProPublica highlights the conflict between worker safety and health and production goals at chicken processing plants

At first glance, Fieldale Farms, a chicken processing facility in Gainesville, Georgia, appears to be focused on safety. A big sign outside of the facility promotes the slogan “Think Safe, Work Safe.”

Approximately 1,900 workers are employed by Fieldale Farms, and according to public records obtained by ProPublica, workers there probably have a higher than average chance of losing fingers and even their lives as a result of their work for Fieldale Farms.

In 2009, OSHA cited Fieldale Farms with 22 alleged safety and health violations and proposed fines of $73,275. The violations included two repeat violations – for failure to provide standard guardrails for open-sided platforms and using flexible cords and cables as a substitute for fixed wiring; 18 … Read more...