How You Can Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries with Next Generation Solutions

Musculoskeletal injuries among workers can have devastating impacts on both productivity and lives. Not only are they chronic, lifetime injuries that increase the chances of workers injuring themselves in the future, but the costs for loss in productivity and time can range from $18,000-$60,000 per injury.

There are many factors that contribute to the likelihood of musculoskeletal injury. Over-exertion and falls are by far the most significant factors, but these are exacerbated by such individual physical factors as asymmetry (in which one side of the body is stronger than another), poor motor control, high BMI (body mass index), posture and aging.

It doesn’t have to be this way. While many organizations track injuries and perform safety audits, new perspectives on safety and technology can help you to move from a reactive to a proactive safety approach so that we can anticipate and prevent injuries before they happen and increase worker … Read more...