Intelex Rocks Out in Support of Movember at the GTA Tech Leaders Concert Series!

Whew! What a show! The Intelex house band, The Kings of Strachan, braved the stormy weather last night to rock out in support of Movember. Mo Brothas and Sistas from Toronto tech companies flooded The Phoenix Concert hall to raise money for the face of men’s health at the GTA Tech Leaders Concert Series.

Kings of Strachan kicked things off, and in true Intelex form, were eagerly welcomed by a crowd of blue. While the rest of the city hibernated from the November snow storm, a school bus full of Intelexians geared with branded bandanas, sweat bands, guitar picks and drink cozies attended the event to support their colleagues and of course, the cause. Other bands featured were KPMG’s “Bucket List” and the event headliner “God Made Me Funky”

Aside from showcasing the internal talent of these companies, the GTA Tech Leaders Concert Series provides the organizations with an opportunity … Read more...

Mo Success at Intelex

On November 1, fifteen of Intelex’s finest put down their razors and banded together to dedicate their faces to the world-wide phenomenon known as Movember, the global movement to change the face of men’s health.

We are proud to announce that the Intelex “Mo Bros” raised a total of $8,446.00 towards the cause! Michael Culkin, Sales Executive, led the pack with a total of $5050.00 in donations.  His dedication was an inspiration to the rest of the team, including Shyam Khagram, who took part from the British office!

The purpose of Movember is to raise awareness and support for Men’s Health Programs that fight prostate and testicular cancer. Men begin the month with a cleanly shaved face then grow their “mo” (moustache) for the next 30 days while asking friends and family to donate to their cause.

The program focuses on:

  • Awareness and education
  • Living with and beyond cancer

Support for Movember at Intelex keeps growing

Do you hear that?  Yes that’s right, men around the world who are parting with their mustaches are weeping. Movember is now over but here at Intelex we have reason to cheer.

Last year about 12 Intelexians united to grow mustaches for the month of November to help raise money for men’s health awareness. During that run we raised $2,500, a sum Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine matched for a total of $5,000.

This year the men at Intelex were ready to beat last year’s record and take the challenge to another level. That’s right, the ‘Mo Bros’ worked hard to gain every donation and with about 24 members this year we were ready with mustache combs in hand. Between leveraging Internet memes and internal campaigning, we used everything from cats to boots (no, not puss and boots) to boost awareness of our campaign. Every creative idea and … Read more...

Intelex’s own ‘Mo Bros’ raise over $5,000 for prostate cancer research

This is my first year with Intelex and what better way to get to know my fellow coworkers than by growing moustaches together?

Yes, that’s right: the Intelex family participated in this year’s Movember.  Ah, how my upper lip does miss its fuzzy warmth (sadly I had to say goodbye to it on December 1st).

In addition to Intelexians raising $2,635 throughout the month of November to help support research for prostate cancer, President and CEO Mark Jaine also pledged that the company would match all donations made during Movember, bringing the grand total to $5,270!

Intelexian Mo Bros and Mo Sistas diligently collected donations from family, friends and the local community to make this sizeable contribution.

From every Mo Bro and Sista at Intelex, thank you all for your support! And until next year, “May the Mo be with you!”

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Growing!

With Halloween in the dust and an honourable mention to Intelex’s very own Brandyn Berry for the stylin’ Michael Jackson costume he moon-walked through the office last Friday, today marks the start of the Movember fundraising campaign, both globally and here at Intelex. For those who haven’t heard of Movember, it’s a campaign that raises funds and awareness for prostate cancer and is best credited for the majority of entertaining and unique moustaches you’ll see during the month of November. Throughout the month Mo Bros (as they are affectionately called) “donate their face” to the cause and cultivate a fancy moustache, collecting donations for their efforts while they grow. As they effectively become walking, talking billboards for the campaign, Mo Bros raise awareness and promote discussion around the often ignored issue of men’s prostate health. And while the growing is typically left up to the men, women also have the … Read more...