Corporate recycling, sunny side-up

Food manufacturing and packaging go hand in hand.  What may not be so obvious, however, is that the links between the two are about to become a lot more, er, ineggstricable. That’s right, thanks to some pioneering work out of England, we’ve learned that eggs themselves may contain the answers to some of the world’s environmental woes. 

Scientists out of the University of Leicester in England are currently investigating the use of disposed eggshells, which currently either end up in landfill or are used in pharmaceuticals to help with cartilage and connective tissue problems. The biodegradable proteins found in the egg shell can be potentially formed into a starch-based plastic very similar to numerous forms of existing materials used in packaging warehouses. Sounds simple, but the outcome could bring great change to the packaging world. Find out more here

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Intelex at first annual Tech ManufactureXPO


Intelex is psyched to be participating in the first annual Tech Manufacture XPO all day today, Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

The event is an opportunity for professionals in the manufacturing technology field to connect with experts, watch webinars, listen to speeches and podcasts, and learn about the latest developments, trends, tips and tools in the world of manufacturing tech.

Visitors to the intelex booth have a chance to win an iPod Nano touch 8GB!

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