Why Government Entities Should Track Risk

The Risk Management standard ISO 31000:2009, released in 2009, has been guiding organizations with applicable and adaptable standards for best practices in Risk Management for the past 4 years. This set of standards can be applied to public, private, group or individuals and was not developed for specific industries or groups.

Implementing an ERM Solution

Whether you manage risk at the municipal, provincial, state or federal level, a framework to incorporate your risk management process is important. Putting tools in place to help planners address uncertainty, identify risk and analyze it in order to evaluate is critical. Tools help with documentation and storage of risk information such as scoring, checklists and assessments in one central repository.

This helps in providing an accurate view into organizational vs. enterprise risks so that when putting treatment plans together we can segregate the two and implement correct treatment actions. Implementing an ERM solution … Read more...