Webinar – Improve Visibility and Collaboration with Supplier Relationship Management

Working with multiple suppliers, across various touch points can make tracking activities, especially when problems arise, exceptionally difficult. Phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and emails can sabotage productivity and compromise data integrity.

This free on-demand webinar facilitated by Peter-Elias Alouche (Quality SME and Product Development enthusiast) addresses the Supplier Management challenges that companies continue to grapple with, providing a best practices framework for how you can effectively ensure a compliant, resilient, and high-performing supply chain in your organization.

Topics covered include:

  • Manage your suppliers in a comprehensive approved vendor list
  • How to improve collaboration with your suppliers to address challenges as they occur
  • How to define the structure of your supply chain at the facility level
  • How to manage supplier certifications and documents that are critical for your business

Watch a preview below or click here to watch the full webinar.


Intelex ½ Vision Meeting – 2014.5

Are we really half way through Fiscal Year 2014? It seems only yesterday that Intelexians were testing their luck and rolling the dice at our annual Vision Meeting’s pop up Casino party. But spring is finally here which means one specific thing for all Torontonians: Jays Games. It also means it’s time for the Intelex team to get together and reflect on the year and to map out goals for the next 6 months. And so begins the Half Vision Meeting – 2014.5.

Blue t-shirts arrived prior to the event to help celebrate our Gartner accomplishments in style. All 250 matching Intelexians were in attendance including two of our British colleagues, Bobby  and Colin, who flew in for the occasion! New products on the roadmap, expansion plans, and marketing initiatives were shared by the executive team. CEO Mark Jaine took the stage for the grand finale, a motivational presentation about … Read more...

Veresen’s SMART Idea

Last week Training Specialist Steph DiRaddo conducted our largest in-house user training session with client Veresen Inc, which owns and operates energy infrastructure assets across North America. The training stretched over two days and brought Veresen plant managers from their eastern facilities together with the Alberta-based project team here at Intelex headquarters in Toronto.

Veresen is getting ready to launch their appropriately named SMART (Sustainability Management and Reporting Tool) using Intelex’s EHS Incident Management application to 200 users across North America. The project team has been working diligently to ensure a smooth introduction of the new system to various internal departments, and in doing so has provided a great example of how they can creatively engage employees that will be working with the system.

Demonstrating their full commitment to SMART, and to further encourage user adoption and integration, the Veresen Project Team went as far as creating a new … Read more...