The evolution of EHS systems and the pivotal role Intelex continues to play

On last week’s EHS This Week podcast JP and I talked about the new OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Isocyanate. If you listened you know that Isocyanate is one of the chemicals that was responsible for the devastation in Bhopal in 1984 that left an estimated 20,000 dead and hundreds of thousands injured, with many of them being permanently disabled. 

It reminded me how infrequently we here at Intelex talk about that catastrophic event despite the fact that our company history is deeply ingrained in the story. With almost 30 years between the tragedy and today I suppose it is to be expected that the close tie is all but forgotten.

I thought I’d use this post to remind the Intelex community of the role we have played in helping companies ensure the safety of their employees and in mitigating the occurrence of horrific tragedies such as the one … Read more...