Intelex is proud to announce the launch of Intelex Community!

Over the last several months, we’ve been hard at work creating a collaborative space for members of the EHS and Quality industry to share ideas, ask questions, access valuable resources, and network with their peers. Here’s what you can expect from the new Intelex Community:

What is Intelex Community?

A collaborative, online community built for EHS and Quality professionals to connect, share and learn. The site will feature industry related content posted by members such as news, questions, events, regulatory updates and peer resources as well as access to the Intelex library of whitepapers, webinars, and reports. Engage with leading industry experts and mentors to enhance your knowledge of EHS and Quality best practices.

Why was Intelex Community created?

We created this new community to provide a global EHS and Quality environment where professionals can engage with other likeminded individuals.Thanks to valuable feedback from the community at large, we … Read more...

Albert Munoz of SGS Achieves the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Community Builder

Albert Munoz of SGS is this year’s winner of the Intelex Performance Award for Community Builder! This award recognizes an individual Intelex client user who has made an exceptional contribution to the Intelex community of clients, and to the development of Intelex-Exchange, Intelex’s community portal.

As the award winner, Albert Munoz embodies the essence of this award with his tireless contributions to the Intelex Exchange community. In the past year Albert has aided countless users in solving complex problems, while also providing a number of innovative ideas to improve the system. Fittingly, Albert is the person with the most points on Intelex Exchange, with over 3200 points.

Thank you Albert Munoz for your outstanding contributions to the Intelex community!… Read more...

True collaboration a far cry from conventional approaches

One of the first things I do when I wake up, all squinty eyed, is read email on my phone. I really should look out more through my window (see image – better when it is sunny) but instead I am addicted to the bright, likely eye-damaging LCD screen! A few weeks ago, I woke up to a series of e-mail notifications from our Intelex-Exchange community. One of our users had asked a very detailed technical question about our product the night before. Often these questions are answered by our internal support or development teams but increasingly other Intelex clients answer questions and share their expertise. Over that particular night, three clients exchanged eight or so public postings back and forth to help each other get the most out of their Intelex systems. It was thrilling to realize that these clients did not know each other prior to this conversation. … Read more...

Upcoming Intelex Client Webinars

We have three more FREE client webinars coming up, make sure to register and join in the fun!

How to Leverage Intelex Exchange v2 – February 11th

This introductory webinar is designed to take you step-by-step through the new Intelex-Exchange v2! Learn how to: create your profile & set your privacy settings; connect with the Intelex team and other Intelex users; post discussions & suggestions; register and watch free training webinars; download free dashboards, scorecards & reports; read eNewsletters, success stories & press releases; download Intelex user manuals & technical documents

Fun With Filters – February 18th

Providing an overview of filter behaviours & whereabouts in the Intelex System, this webinar will help you better utilize your filtering options! Don’t know where the Filters are? Not sure when to use quick vs. advanced? Need a refresher on how to use 'and', 'or', '(' or ')'? Want to see examples of when to use

Intelex is proud to announce the re-launch of

Over the weekend, the Intelex team launched its BETA version of Intelex-Exchange v2 – our first major release since the client portal was born!

The new Intelex-Exchange still has all the valuable content you’re used to, but also boasts an online user community and social network which is sure to revolutionize the Intelex experience.

  • Get to know the entire Intelex Team with photos and personal bios included
  • Connect with industry experts and collaborate with other Intelex users
  • Participate in forum discussions and post your suggestions for improvements
  • Sign up for free training webinars and view past webinar recordings
  • Download free dashboards, scorecards, reports & more
  • Read client eNewsletters, success stories and press releases
  • Download Intelex user manuals, product brochures and technical documents
  • Stay informed with all things Intelex including webinars, conferences, contests, improvements, and more!

For more information about obtaining access to Intelex-Exchange, please contact Client Relations at 416.599.6009 x282… Read more...