Meet an Intelex Client: Brandy Leon, Boart Longyear

Brandy works at Boart Longyear, a global drilling services company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah that employs thousands of people in over 35 countries. With a proud company history that dates back more than one hundred years, Boart Longyear has evolved with the times to remain one of the leading companies in their space. In this video, Brandy talks about Boart Longyear’s experience with the Intelex system, and how Intelex’s ease of use makes it different from the other systems she’s used in the past.

“I’ve worked in other systems before and some of them are cumbersome, they take time, the learning curve is insane,” says Brandy. She found Intelex to be intuitive and easy to pick up. Software implementation can be a tricky business, and user adoption is never guaranteed. But choosing a user-friendly system can go a long way towards ensuring that your companies’ employees are … Read more...

Meet an Intelex Client: Harold Fowler, BBA Aviation

Harold is a Data Systems Assistant and Intelex System Administrator at BBA Aviation, a market-leading provider of global aviation support and aftermarket services.  Based out of London, BBA operates at over 230 locations on 5 continents and has more than 13,000 employees worldwide.  In this video, Harold explains what separated Intelex from the pack when BBA was looking to replace their previous system.  

Before implementing Intelex, BBA was using another EHS system that simply wasn’t meeting their expectations.  It failed in configurability, and making necessary changes proved to be a very expensive and lengthy process.  They began their search for a more flexible solution that could be customized to satisfy the organization’s needs. 

Intelex proved to be highly configurable and was able to customize a system for BBA in a way that did not cause drastic change throughout the organization.  Switching from one system to another is often met with Read more...

Meet an Intelex Client: Coral Barrett, Boart Longyear

Coral works in EHS Data & Support at Boart Longyear, a mineral exploration company that provides drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, this year Boart Longyear celebrates its 125 anniversary as a leader in the global mining and drilling industry. In this video, Coral discusses what made Intelex stand out from the competition when her company was looking for a new EHS system.

Prior to implementing Intelex, Boart Longyear had a system that was outdated and difficult to use. They felt that the system just couldn’t keep up with what they needed from it, and so they began to look for a more advanced solution that would simplify the user experience while also allowing them to more easily report information to their VPs and executive committee. Coral also wanted to make sure that this would be a system she could administer by … Read more...

Canadian Gold Producer Agnico Eagle Cuts Accident Frequency Rate in Half

In 2011, Canadian gold producer Agnico Eagle Mines had an Accident Frequency Rate of 3.23 per 200,000 working hours. By 2014, they had cut that number down by more than half, reporting an Accident Frequency Rate of 1.48 at the end of the year. So, how did they do it?

By implementing best practices in accident management, engaging employees through collaboration, and demonstrating exceptional safety leadership among top management. They also relied on Intelex’s EHS Management software to support them in their new, streamlined approach to training, incidents, inspections and other critical business activities.

Committing to EHS Excellence

Agnico Eagle purchased Intelex EHS Management software in 2011, replacing their old Excel spreadsheets that had become inefficient. With Intelex’s centralized approach to training, incidents, inspections and other critical business activities, Agnico Eagle has streamlined communication across multiple divisions worldwide. They also simplified prioritization and decision-making by creating six unique dashboards, designed … Read more...

Etihad Airways Awarded the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for User Adoption

Etihad Airways flew home from the User Conference with extra weight in their luggage –the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for User Adoption, that is. To win this award, a client must demonstrate extraordinary levels of effectiveness in their user adoption process, demonstrating the innovative and structured ways in which they have ensured high levels of adoption in their company.

At Etihad, user adoption is critical to their mission. Etihad’s CEO tackled user adoption by first focusing on corporate-wide messaging centered on safety culture. Then they rebranded their Intelex system,, for a consistent user experience. Etihad also created a main landing page featuring links to training materials, user manuals, and a new e-learning platform, to assist new users.

To reach Etihad’s global audience of over 20,000 employees, which is made up of pilots, cabin crew, engineers and ground staff in 80 different locations, the team had to be creative. Given … Read more...

Nexteer Automotive Wins Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Dream Builder

We recently held the fifth annual Intelex User Conference and with it, the second year of the Intelex Performance Excellence Awards. We’d like to congratulate each of our winners for their astounding performance over the past year.

Our winner of the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Dream Builder was Nexteer Automotive. To meet the requirements for this prestigious award, the Intelex client must have built innovative and inspiring applications from scratch, while demonstrating how they transformed their Intelex System into a major driver of success in the organization.

As winners of the award, the Nexteer Automotive team has developed not one but nine applications within the past year! Nexteer has built Intelex applications to monitor quality planning and supplier activities, house supplier compliance information, provide scorecards and performance-tracking tools to suppliers, track costs incurred due to quality issues, and so much more. The applications were built to meet the … Read more...

Earth Day 2014: Green Cities & ISO 14001

Every April 22, more than one billion people across 190 countries recognize Earth Day. In honor of this year’s theme, Green Cities, we’re talking about how ISO 14001 is helping cities across the world take steps towards sustainability.

The EPA’s Stance on ISO 14001 & Green Cities
ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard that, like other ISO standards, is the result of international collaboration and represents global best practices. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) participated in its development and even sponsored a pilot program back in March 2012 designed to show the benefits of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) for public-sector agencies. Nine municipal organizations participated and reported many benefits that include better operational controls, improved communication, and a decrease in the cost of waste disposal.

“Hopefully this pilot project will demonstrate that the EMS approach for managing environmental activities is not only applicable and useful to … Read more...

Meet an Intelex Client: Greg Garnier, Hussman Corp

Greg Garnier works in the Corporate Quality Department at Hussmann Corporation in Bridgeton, Missouri. Since 1906 Hussmann has been providing products, services and solutions for preserving and merchandising fresh foods. Today, with four manufacturing sites in the United States and one in Mexico, Hussmann creates quality display cases and refrigeration systems that are used worldwide. They use Intelex to help them manage their suppliers and their document control system.

Meet an Intelex Client: Greg Garnier – Hussmann Corp from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

“We reviewed about 10 different ERPs, MRPs and QMS systems looking for the right package for us,” Greg says about the selection process. “We chose Intelex based on intuitiveness and the system’s configurability. Ease of customization was what we needed.”

Hussmann launched Intelex’s Supplier Management application in April 2013, and were able to customize the application to suit their unique needs. Greg is now calling Intelex … Read more...

Meet an Intelex Client: Candi Castellano, CMC

Candi Castellano is an Administrative Assistant at Commercial Metals Company (CMC), a Fortune 500 steel company based in Texas that recycles, manufactures, fabricates and trades steel globally. The company has been using Intelex’s software for approximately two years now, and in the video below Candi discusses the improvements she’s seen in that time.

Meet an Intelex Client: Candi Castellano – CMC from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

“It used to take me a day to prepare my reports for month end and now it takes me about an hour,” says Candi, who is thrilled with the time savings she’s been able to achieve in her job.

CMC uses Intelex’s Incident Management system and a custom form that they call their “Safety Action Form.” Prior to Intelex, there was a need to increase reporting consistency across the organization’s different locations. “Among our 120 locations everyone had different reporting systems,” Candi explains. … Read more...

Meet an Intelex Client: Ryan Orvis, CHS

Ryan is an Intelex System Administrator at CHS, a Fortune 100 company and leading provider of energy, grain and food solutions. Working out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ryan is employed as a Business System Administrator focusing on Risk Management. When he’s asked what it was that made CHS choose Intelex, Ryan doesn’t hesitate.

“We did a full comparison between Intelex and some of the other applications,” Ryan says. “The biggest reason was the flexibility that Intelex gave us.”

Meet an Intelex Client: Ryan Orvis – CHS from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

When given the chance to elaborate on how Intelex has improved CHS’s business operations, Ryan stresses the value of having a software system that is up to the task of managing the data of a large, international company.

“One of the greatest things about the Intelex system for us is the ability for the system to manage data across … Read more...