Intelex’s ‘impressive’ growth covered in IT in Canada

We’re proud to announce Intelex has been featured in IT in Canada’s The Sustainability Platform, Canada’s Only Integrated Social Media News Network.

The article, “Intelex achieves rapid growth in EHS markets”, profiles Intelex’s history, its staggering growth, and its future plans.

As writer Mary Allen notes:

In 2000, Intelex landed its first contract for the web-based systems it operates with today, launching a period of impressive, organic growth – 40% annual y-o-y since 2002 – based on private funding and with annual profitability. Jaine notes, “It’s very easy to achieve 40% growth when you are at 2.8 million, but it’s a little more difficult when you are at $12 million. Next year, we should be in the mid 20s and we have been fortunate to keep that momentum going even as we cross through these [revenue] barriers.” Ultimately, the Intelex goal is to be at $100 million by 2015.

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