Webinar: Software Implementation Strategies for Success

Is your organization in the process of evaluating or purchasing an Environmental, Health & Safety or Quality management software system? If so, a key process you must consider is how will it be implemented across your organization. As it is always best practice to have an implementation plan, this free webinar outline’s a proven software implementation model for success in any organization.

Purchasing new software is a significant investment and having a smooth implementation is critical to minimizing the impact that it will have on your organizational processes. Even if the actual purchase is 6+ months away, strategically approaching your implementation will ensure you get organizational buy-in, high levels of user adoption and experience a healthy ROI.

This webinar is facilitated by Intelex’s Jason Fitzpatrick who has over 10 years experience working with organizations who have purchased new software systems. Watch this webinar and ensure your implementation is a complete … Read more...

Barik IT Services snatches first annual ‘Partner of the Year’ Award as Intelex expands its global partner network

As we grow internationally, Intelex is seeking to partner with regional organizations that have an intimate knowledge of their markets and a superior EHS experience. In late 2009, Intelex and Barik IT Services entered a partnership agreement designed to expand Intelex’s presence in Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Nearly three years and 23 clients later, Intelex’s brand identity in this region has been significantly accentuated as the result of the work of ur esteemed partners. Barik team is led by Mr. Rahamathulla, an EHS expert with an intimate knowledge of Oman and UAE markets. What started as a one-man show has turned into an 10-person-strong, Intelex-only team that provides business development and implementation services across the region.    

Year over year, the Barik team has managed to meet our clients’ needs and provide services that conform to Intelex standards. A common denominator during our regular market visits … Read more...

Defining your quality initiatives

Improving quality and efficiency in an organization can often seem like a difficult task, given the numerous approaches out there.  Some companies believe their quality improvement initiatives are strong enough to withstand any obstacle in the marketplace, whereas other companies fail to have a strong enough stance on the subject entirely.  This can be as a direct result of poor leadership and accountability, cultural resistance, and even poor planning.  

In a recent article posted on QualityDigest.com, George Maszle summaries an excellent input-process-output (IPO) chart, called Quality and Productivity Improvement Processes, focusing on 10 positive factors that can be implemented in the workforce for a more productive and value-based development.   Some of these factors include selecting the right people and projects, integrated training, and enterprise-wide knowledge training, to name a few. 

Once these elements are executed across the board, they create five desired quality outputs as a result, which are: … Read more...

Intelex featured in Quality Magazine’s 2011 How-To Guide

Here on the Intelex Blog, we love to preach the benefits of ISO 9001 certification, and how the right software solutions help facilitate fast, stress-free conformance.

Those interested in learning more about how to achieve ISO 9001 certification are encouraged to check out the latest edition of Quality Magazine’s handy annual How To Guide.

Head over to Quality Magazine’s website to view the latest issue of Quality Magazine. Click on the “How To” tab on the right and – in addition to reading the rest of the valuable magazine and guide – go to page 19 to read “How to Ensure Effortless, Ongoing ISO 9001 Certification and Perpetual Audit Preparedness” to learn, well, just that!