Leaders2Leaders The Network: Capturing and Actioning End User Feedback is Crucial to Engagement

Leaders2Leaders The Network features a series of interactive, customer-led sessions we hope will encourage best practice sharing, networking and collaboration with our Intelex European customers. The sessions – for users by users – offer insight, pro tips and more to help you get the most from our platform.

A recent Leaders2Leaders The Network session featured Heidelberg Cement’s Paulina Lagodzinska, business analyst for EHS, sharing her insights about capturing end user feedback and why that is so important when it comes to adoption of a software system.

Heidelberg Cement has 58,000 employees in 60 countries, and 14,000 are active Intelex users. And by active, we mean ACTIVE: Since 2015, the company has recorded 63,000 corrective and preventative actions, registered half a million incident reports and half a million safety conversations. “Intelex is a very, very important tool for us,” said Lagodzinska.

Here are the four key lessons she shared during the session: ​

1.

EHS Software Solves a Need for Speed for This Construction Company

Moss searched for a safety management system and settled on the Intelex Health and Safety Management platform to organize all the data it had been collecting.
Moss went searching for a health and safety management system and settled on the Intelex Health and Safety Management platform to bring all its data from various processes into a centralized database, including incident reporting, inspections, behavioral-based observations, recorded near misses, good catches and even safety suggestions.

Fast growing companies often find themselves needing a high-performance approach to environmental health and safety (EHS).

Take the case of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based construction company Moss & Associates, whose vice president of environmental health and safety, Scott Gerard, recently told the story of his company’s business growth. During a presentation at the 2021 EHS Today Safety Leadership Conference, Gerard said Moss started out as a company of 300 people some 17 years ago and has today become an organization of more than 3,000 employees with expectations to reach 6,000 this year.

But high growth often moves too quickly past other corporate capabilities. In … Read more...