Injury reports in pharmacies suggest extra caution during peak flu vaccination months

A recent NIOSH study examined the reported incidence of needlestick injuries at a US nationwide pharmacy chain and revealed a few valuable conclusions. From 2000 to 2011 there were 33 needlestick injuries reported by 31 different pharmacy locations. Of these 33 injuries, 24 (73%) occurred from September through January, the period during which flu vaccinations are commonly administered.

Overall incidence of needlestick injuries was low, with annual incidence of needlestick injuries at these pharmacies ranging from 0 to 3.62 per 100,000 vaccinations. Injuries were most likely to occur after needle use and before disposal (58% of reported incidents). Additionally, researchers warned that needlestick injuries are often underreported.

The researchers believe that many if not all of the needlestick injuries they reviewed were likely preventable. Their recommendations included better tracking of injuries and following needlestick prevention guidelines. Vaccination providers can hopefully learn from the observations made in this study and … Read more...

U.S. hospitals realizing it pays to measure quality of care

Ahead of a value-based purchasing initiative to begin for Medicare in 2014 under the federal government’s Affordable Care Act, hospitals across the U.S. should be taking a long, hard look at their quality processes and how they measure their success. Value-based purchasing under the U.S. healthcare reform means Medicare will start paying institutions more for scoring high on a series of measures that indicate patient care, and will pay less to those who do not meet the quality benchmarks.

While quality of health care is important if only to ensure patients receive satisfactory care, a few hospitals in the U.S. who earnestly measure their quality processes are starting to notice an additional benefit to ensuring the utmost care is delivered. One successful case is Detroit’s Henry Ford Health Systems, which launched a quality improvement program in 2008 called the “No Harm Campaign”. The program sought to improve patient care … Read more...

A little southern hospitality with Baptist Health South Florida

Hey! Kyle here, Intelex Account Manager and Team Lead. Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Miami to visit Baptist Health South Florida, one of our fantastic clients. The folks at Baptist are close to going live with their document control system (they’re targeting a soft launch in December and a full launch in February).

Jim Thomas, a Baptist Project Manager, invited me to come down to say hello and talk about progress with system implementation.

But more importantly, while I was there we got to take in a good ol’ hockey game! Turns out Jim and his supervisor Andrew Friedman – who I have known for a couple of years now – are also BIG Pittsburgh Penguins fans, and the team just happened to be in town while I was there!

So before the game, we met up for dinner and I took the opportunity to show off Intelex’s remote capabilities, accessing the system on both an iPhone … Read more...