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Webinar: Powering Sustainability in Your Business

Every day, greater emphasis is being placed on sustainable business practices and organizations bear the burden of implementing and reporting on various sustainability initiatives across their companies. The challenge with sustainability reporting is that it requires comprehensive data collection from all aspects of an organization in order to provide the most complete picture of the company as a sustainable entity.

Learn how to record and track sustainability indicators such as workplace incidents and injuries, economic performance, and workforce diversity, while aggregating operational data such as energy and water consumption in this 30 min webinar. Showcasing Intelex’s Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPI) software application, you will see how to facilitate this type of data collection across your organization, easing the process of data analysis and reporting for Sustainability Professionals.

Key topics covered include:

  • The growth of sustainability reporting
  • Sustainability standards and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • The process for sustainability reporting
  • An

Sustainability reporting, minus the burden of reporting

Thinking of reporting on your sustainability efforts through an outlet like the GRI? Good for you.

That said, you may have encountered some opposition to the premise, or criticisms highlighted by Corporate Social Responsibility guru Mallen Baker, who has pointed to an oft-cited flaw in the GRI approach, namely the fact a report is essentially a company’s own narrative of its sustainability performance.

“All the current models of reporting expect the companies to provide their own narrative — to tell the story complete,” he noted on his blog. “And yet that doesn’t work, because the end user actually doesn’t read the reports, and doesn’t trust the company to provide its own context. There are no expert interpreters of this information. All the focus on assurance is about checking data — but that isn’t the real issue. People by and large don’t think the companies will lie about the data … Read more...

GRI releases updated sustainability reporting guidelines

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) released its newest, most comprehensive set of sustainability reporting guidelines yesterday, giving organizations around the world better direction towards sharing their sustainability accomplishments.

The G3.1 guidelines are considered both an update and completion of the third generation of GRI’s guidelines. The scope of G3.1 has been expanded to provide more comprehensive guidance on reporting details related to various organizational impacts, especially areas such as human rights, local community, and gender, enabling greater transparency on these and other issues. This is the first major update of the guidelines since the release of the G3 guidelines in October 2006.

Use this document, which helps organizations to produce relevant reports more easily, to determine if the expanded terms in G3.1 are relevant to your organization. Also check out this G3/G3.1 comparison chart to review the changes to the newest set of guidelines.

Since the GRI launched over …