Campbell’s on the evolution of sustainability

Sustainability can be incorporated into corporate culture if concepts relating to environmental and social impacts are communicated in clear and meaningful ways, according to Dave Stangis of Campbell’s Soup Company who recentlysat down with’s Nature of Business Radio for a chat on the evolution of sustainability.

As VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at Campbell’s, an Intelex client, Stangis has championed environmental and social responsibility and in three short years has made Campbell’s a leader in CSR, having cultivated an environment of collaboration within the company.

According to Stangis, business leaders must “translate these concepts of social impact, environmental performance improvement, employee engagement, community involvement into ways to make their jobs better, more impactful, and improve their innovation and productivity, it’s a whole different world. All of a sudden it’s a tool and not an obstacle. And that’s really the goal.”

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Weighing in on the 14001 debate

ISO 14001 certified? Perhaps you plan on being certified, or maybe you’re just wondering what certification actually means.

Well, if ISO 14001, the world’s foremost standard specification for environmental management systems, is on your mind at all, you might want to take a look at a little article I wrote over at Greenbiz.

Is ISO 14001 Certification Still Relevant?” begins to discuss what certification actually means in a world where polluters and emitters are able to achieve and retain certification – not to mention the connotation of the ‘green’ or environmentally responsible image that comes with it – even when they might not actually be doing that much good for the environment at all.

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