Webinar: Streamlining Environmental Management in the Public Sector

Increasingly, ISO 14001 has become the go-to environmental management standard for cities, state governments, and public sector organizations of every size and shape. With today’s emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, it’s incumbent on all levels of government to ensure their environmental programs are running at top performance and generating ROI through efficiency and time savings.

Streamlining Environmental Management in the Public Sector is a free 30-minute webinar led by Senior Government Solutions Specialist Jason Fitzpatrick that outlines how public sector organizations have led the curve on environmental stewardship by leveraging the power of technology to significantly improve their environmental programs.

Key topics covered include:

  • Why adopting ISO 14001-based Environmental Management Systems has become increasingly popular for public sector organizations around the globe.
  • How ISO 14001-supported Environmental Management Systems enable government and business to speak the same language of sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • How to best implement an environmental management

Webinar – Risky Business: Eliminating Risk Exposure in the Government Sector

Government organizations are exposed to a plethora of risks on a daily basis and must proactively manage liability, while anticipating and managing issues before they become critical. A strategic risk management framework that allows governments to identify, monitor, and manage their enterprise risk in an integrated manner is vital. It helps to predict potential hazardous events, reduce hazards and ensure informed decision making.

A strategic management framework that allows governments to identify, monitor, and manage their enterprise risk in an integrated manner is vital. It helps to predict potential hazardous events, reduce hazards and ensure informed decision making. Organizations can also leverage the framework to foster a risk aware culture and enhance collaboration on risk management across the enterprise.

Learn how government organizations can mitigate hazards through data centralization and digitization and implement a streamlined risk management program in this FREE 30-minute webinar hosted by Intelex’s Tibor Sos.

Key topics …

Why Government Entities Should Track Risk

The Risk Management standard ISO 31000:2009, released in 2009, has been guiding organizations with applicable and adaptable standards for best practices in Risk Management for the past 4 years. This set of standards can be applied to public, private, group or individuals and was not developed for specific industries or groups.

Implementing an ERM Solution

Whether you manage risk at the municipal, provincial, state or federal level, a framework to incorporate your risk management process is important. Putting tools in place to help planners address uncertainty, identify risk and analyze it in order to evaluate is critical. Tools help with documentation and storage of risk information such as scoring, checklists and assessments in one central repository.

This helps in providing an accurate view into organizational vs. enterprise risks so that when putting treatment plans together we can segregate the two and implement correct treatment actions. Implementing an ERM solution … Read more...

Earth Day 2014: Green Cities & ISO 14001

Every April 22, more than one billion people across 190 countries recognize Earth Day. In honor of this year’s theme, Green Cities, we’re talking about how ISO 14001 is helping cities across the world take steps towards sustainability.

The EPA’s Stance on ISO 14001 & Green Cities
ISO 14001 is a voluntary standard that, like other ISO standards, is the result of international collaboration and represents global best practices. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) participated in its development and even sponsored a pilot program back in March 2012 designed to show the benefits of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) for public-sector agencies. Nine municipal organizations participated and reported many benefits that include better operational controls, improved communication, and a decrease in the cost of waste disposal.

“Hopefully this pilot project will demonstrate that the EMS approach for managing environmental activities is not only applicable and useful to … Read more...

City of St.Albert gains ISO certification, reduces audit costs and streamlines processes with Intelex Environmental Management System

We’re pleased to share our newest case study featuring the City of St. Albert.

Over the past year the City of St. Albert has had great success standardizing processes and reducing time and money spent on audits and internal resources.

They are currently using the Environmental Management System, utilizing aspects of the solution to track and reduce nonconformances, with an 80% reduction in nonconformances since implementation two years ago. This has had a significant impact across their Public Works and Transit departments, ultimately leading to achieving ISO 14001 certification in both areas.

To find out more about the City of St. Albert’s implementation of the system and the tremendous results they’re seeing, read the full case study here.… Read more...

Intelex on Quality and Cities in Municipal World

The need for quality management is apparent in an industrial context, but how about…a municipal organization? Well, just as quality management has expanded its reach from manufacturing to customer service, quality can have a huge role in any organization, including municipal corporations.

So check out the latest issue of Municipal World for an article I wrote on Quality Management in Municipalities. You’ll need a subscription to Municipal World to read it (unless you are already among their thousands of subscribers…after all, these guys have been around for more than 115 years!) 

In the meantime, check out our recent webinar on Quality Management in Municipalities where Intelex partnered with The Town of Ajax, one of the very first municipalities in North America to achieve ISO 9001 certification. In this free 30-minute discussion, David Forget, Ajax’s Manager of Quality Service, joined Intelex to examine exactly how municipalities and other service-based organizations can benefit from ISO 9001 registration and streamlined quality … Read more...

Quality management and ISO 9001…in municipalities?

These days ISO 9001 has become such a pervasive term, and while some might not know exactly what it means, almost everyone has seen the words pop up on the sides of manufacturers, machine shops, and other industrial facilities.

But while the quality management standard specification can apply to literally any business in any industry, many are still surprised to imagine that its scope goes beyond the walls of discrete manufacturers and processing plants. Indeed, it even applies to municipalities. Except, instead of describing a process for how a bolt is tightened, in the context of a municipal corporation, ISO 9001 might dictate how a customer service call is handled. In either case, the underlying methodology for describing the processes will ultimately be similar.

Those in the municipal sector who are looking to develop or improve a quality management program shouldn’t miss our our feature webinar, Quality City: The value Read more...

Notes from the Municipal Service Delivery Officials Conference

Jason Fitzpatrick is down at the MSDO conference in Ajax where David Forget, Manager of Quality and Special Projects, from The Town of Ajax just presented on the town’s quality system, ISO 9000 registration (they were the first municipality in North America to be fully registered), and their use of Intelex as a tool in their Quality Management System (QMS).

David spoke on how the QMS not only enhanced customer service to the town’s citizens but also benefitted the organization’s work environment for its employees. After a recent poll of the Town’s citizens, 96% of people wanted the town to maintain ISO registration.

To learn more about how a quality system can benefit your municipality or service organization, give Jason a call at 416-599-6009 or toll free at 1-877-932-3747.… Read more...

Eco Friendly City

During my first visit to Dallas I recall noticing a bumper sticker with the slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas”. I remember being amused and wondering what that was all about. It happens to be the name of the anti-highway litter campaign organized by the Texas Department of Transportation.  Over the years, the lone star state has championed several similar initiatives and is recognized as a national leader in environmental sustainability.

This week, the City of Dallas further boosted the state’s reputation by achieving ISO 14001:2004 certification for its Environmental Management System.  EPA administrator Stephen Johnson commended the city for its commitment to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment. The city’s EMS covers all 11 municipal departments and 13,000 employees. It is the widest implementation of an EMS in the country.  The city of Dallas was one of the first cities to purchase Intelex Environmental Management System software … Read more...

City Fleet Makes the Grade

The City of Kitchener’s fleet operations which run its vehicles and related equipment recently garnered an ISO 14001 certification. An organization is deemed to be certified after an audit performed by an independent body confirms that its EMS is up to snuff. This is a way to let the world know that it fully conforms to the requirements specified in the ISO standards.

The City of Kitchener is the largest municipality in the Region of Waterloo. The Region of Waterloo has had a lasting relationship with Intelex dating back to 1998 when they chose ISOsoft for their first Environmental Management System.… Read more...