Webinar: Sustainability Reporting – Best Practices and the GRI G4 Update

Building sustainable operations is an area of increased focus for organizations globally. While there are many reasons for this increased attention, it is measuring, recording and attempting to reduce the negative impact on the environment, society and the economy that are key. Whether an organization is looking to be proactive, gain a competitive advantage or is responding to the demands and expectations of regulators, financiers or other stakeholders it is necessary to have an understanding of sustainability reporting.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines set out best practices for reporting on sustainability in a global marketplace. In the most recent update to the guidelines, GRI G4, there is increased importance placed on the reporting process and creating highly relevant, credible and user-friendly reports in order to communicate your sustainability performance to your key stakeholders.

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Intelex Top 5 Environmental Statistics – Sustainability & The GRI

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GRI releases updated sustainability reporting guidelines

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) released its newest, most comprehensive set of sustainability reporting guidelines yesterday, giving organizations around the world better direction towards sharing their sustainability accomplishments.

The G3.1 guidelines are considered both an update and completion of the third generation of GRI’s guidelines. The scope of G3.1 has been expanded to provide more comprehensive guidance on reporting details related to various organizational impacts, especially areas such as human rights, local community, and gender, enabling greater transparency on these and other issues. This is the first major update of the guidelines since the release of the G3 guidelines in October 2006.

Use this document, which helps organizations to produce relevant reports more easily, to determine if the expanded terms in G3.1 are relevant to your organization. Also check out this G3/G3.1 comparison chart to review the changes to the newest set of guidelines.

Since the GRI launched over …