Highlights from 2015 NLS Food Quality Symposium

On this week’s edition of EHS This Week we’ve got the week’s top stories in environment, health and safety news:

  • Recap of the 2015 NLS Food Quality Symposium
  • Key Topics Discussed During NLS Food Quality Symposium

Remember to write us with your suggestions, questions and comments. Also, if you are an industry expert and ever want to take part in the program, we’d love to have you. Until next week, enjoy the program!

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Meet an Intelex Client: Maria Frain, Campbell Soup Company

Maria is employed as an Environmental Analyst at Campbell Soup Company’s corporate headquarters in Camden, New Jersey. In addition to their iconic $2.1 billion Campbell’s brand, the company’s portfolio includes Goldfish crackers, Swanson broths and Prego pasta sauces. Campbell’s came to Intelex because they were looking for a system that could manage their environmental data and also report on environmental metrics.

Meet an Intelex Client: Maria Frain – Campbell Soup from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

“We had a difficult time finding a system that handled both the environmental management side as well as the metrics side,” Maria says. “We found Intelex to be the one that was the most configurable and that met all our needs.”

For Campbell Soup Company, it was also very important that their new system work with their existing business processes. “We had a lot of pre-existing data that we needed to bring into Intelex … Read more...

FBEC: A Memorable Food and Beverage Conference

Last week Intelexians Steve Buffett and Bevin Lyon were in Cambridge, Maryland to celebrate the 43rd Annual Food and Beverage Environmental Conference (FBEC).

Food and beverage companies gathered to share industry knowledge on topics from wastewater treatment, presented by Intelex client Bimbo Bakeries, to air compliance strategies from Frito-Lay Inc.

The conference is a long standing tradition for many of the participating companies, even described by some attendees as a getaway or a retreat. Conference dress code is business casual, and it’s strictly enforced: as a first-time attendee Steve was warned not to wear a tie unless he wanted it snipped off his neck with a pair of scissors!

“This was my first conference like this!” was all Steve could say when asked about the experience. With events like clay shooting and an oyster hatchery tour, it’s no wonder that this conference stands out from many others Intelex attends. … Read more...

Top 5 Farm Safety Tips just in time for Canadian Agricultural Safety Week

Farm safety is a serious concern. Between hazardous farm equipment and sometimes erratic livestock, our frontline producers live in a very dangerous world. However, while farms are one of the most risky places to work, farm safety doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. That’s part of the reason the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) is currently facilitating the 2013 Canadian Agricultural Safety Week.

It’s worth highlighting the vast importance of safety in this hazardous field. After all, though 85% of producers say that safety is a priority on their farms, less than 10% actually have a documented safety plan onsite, according to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

Also, we have to consider the fact that while farms do rely on a lot of transient, seasonal help, the nucleus of operations on farms is often represented by a tightly knit family. So while occupational injury and illness is never a … Read more...

Wondering what this FSMA stuff is all about? Download our free ebook!

While it seemed indefinitely on the backburner for the better part of the last two years, with recent progress and increased news media attention, it is clear the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has legs…and is picking up speed!

With two massive, recently released proposed rules released in January, in addition to the enforcement of a few of the Act’s early requirements, FSMA is a reality and it is about to change the face of food safety in America.

So, how prepared are you? Whether you’re pretty familiar with the act or wondering what this FSMA stuff is all about, no worries, we’ve got the solution for you. The Essential Guide to the Food Safety Modernization Act is a free ebook that provides a comprehensive look at where FSMA is at, what it means for business, and what you can do now to prepare for the Act’s incoming requirements.

Head …

Food Safety Modernization Act: 10 Facts You Should Know (Infographic)

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is going to change how food and beverage companies do business. We’ve collected some facts about the Act and how it will impact the landscape of food safety in America. So click on the image below to see the full infographic.


US Food Facilities Have Until Dec 31 to Register with FDA

FDA registration is now open and required for all facilities that manufacture, process, pack or hold food for human or animal consumption in the United States and must be completed by December 31, 2012. As part of both the 2002 Bioterrorism Act and the Food Safety Modernization Act, facilities must now provide more information to the government and must re-register every even numbered year.

The FDA hopes this facility registration will improve response time and focus reactive efforts to bioterrorism and other food-related emergencies. Having an updated registry will allow the FDA to alert manufacturers, processors, packers, and holders of any potential problems within their particular food or beverage area and coordinate responses faster.

If you would like to learn more about how to register a facility, check out the FDA’s food facility registration guidance page here.… Read more...

Corporate recycling, sunny side-up

Food manufacturing and packaging go hand in hand.  What may not be so obvious, however, is that the links between the two are about to become a lot more, er, ineggstricable. That’s right, thanks to some pioneering work out of England, we’ve learned that eggs themselves may contain the answers to some of the world’s environmental woes. 

Scientists out of the University of Leicester in England are currently investigating the use of disposed eggshells, which currently either end up in landfill or are used in pharmaceuticals to help with cartilage and connective tissue problems. The biodegradable proteins found in the egg shell can be potentially formed into a starch-based plastic very similar to numerous forms of existing materials used in packaging warehouses. Sounds simple, but the outcome could bring great change to the packaging world. Find out more here

As the article explains: The aim of the current project … Read more...

What you need to know about the Food Safety Modernization Act

The world of EHS legislation, regulations and issues can be confusing at best sometimes, so it helps to have a little bit of clarity. That’s why EHS This Week is launching EHS In Depth, a new interview series designed to look at the fundamentals of a particular EHS issue.

This week we’re tackling a big one: the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) a huge piece of legislation that will revolutionize how companies in the food and beverage industry go about their business. In our inaugural broadcast I’ve invited industry specialist Jeremy Mawson to answer some key questions, including:

  • What the legislation means to companies in the food and beverage industry.
  • Where regulators are at in terms of rolling out the new rules.
  • What kind of costs FSMA will mean to American businesses, and more.

Don’t forget to write me at paul@ehsthisweek.com with any suggestions you have for future areas of discussion, and tune in to … Read more...

Three Intelex clients included in Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

We’d like to congratulate three excellent clients who have earned the distinction of being included in Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25 for 2011.

Nestle, 3M and Kraft Foods have all been included in this year’s report. For the past seven years, Gartner has compiled supply chain research to raise awareness of the supply chain discipline and how it impacts business.

The results of this year’s ranking and a discussion on where the Supply Chain Top 25 is heading in the future can be found here.

Congrats!…