Webinar – Traceability in Food Manufacturing: From Farm to Fork

Food Safety is a growing priority for food and beverage companies across the U.S. and around the world, with recent sweeping food safety legislation and increasing public concern over foodborne illness and contamination. Supply chain traceability has become a core pillar of preventive food safety, and businesses are seeking new tools to manage food supply chain data.

This free 30-minute webinar facilitated by Intelex food safety solutions specialist Jeremy Mawson discusses the following topics:

  • What traceability means within the food and beverage industry.
  • How traceability is actually achieved within the supply chain from farm to fork.
  • The evolution of global food safety standards and legislation (e.g. FSMA), and why end-to-end traceability is becoming increasingly important.
  • Whether managing your own company data is enough to maintain compliance and reduce the risk of violation.
  • The integration of information systems throughout the supply chain to achieve complete end-to-end traceability.

Here is a preview …

FBEC: A Memorable Food and Beverage Conference

Last week Intelexians Steve Buffett and Bevin Lyon were in Cambridge, Maryland to celebrate the 43rd Annual Food and Beverage Environmental Conference (FBEC).

Food and beverage companies gathered to share industry knowledge on topics from wastewater treatment, presented by Intelex client Bimbo Bakeries, to air compliance strategies from Frito-Lay Inc.

The conference is a long standing tradition for many of the participating companies, even described by some attendees as a getaway or a retreat. Conference dress code is business casual, and it’s strictly enforced: as a first-time attendee Steve was warned not to wear a tie unless he wanted it snipped off his neck with a pair of scissors!

“This was my first conference like this!” was all Steve could say when asked about the experience. With events like clay shooting and an oyster hatchery tour, it’s no wonder that this conference stands out from many others Intelex attends. … Read more...

Intelex Attends the 4th Annual Food Quality Symposium

Bevin Lyon and Jeremy Mawson are representing Intelex’s Food and Beverage team at the NLS Food Quality Symposium this week in Indian Wells, California. The symposium is now in its fourth year and features industry networking and thought leadership from some of the world’s leading food manufacturers. Among the attendees are a few Intelex clients, including Bimbo Bakeries, Hillshire Brands and The Wornick Company.

Hot topics of conversation this year are the Food Safety Modernization Act and the recommendations for food defense measures that have been developed by FSIS and FDA.

Intelex’s Food and Beverage team helps companies manage suppliers, ensure compliance, keep their workforces safe and ensure the quality of their products. For a full list of Intelex’s food and beverage clients, visit our clients page.… Read more...