Intelex Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day!

Are you ready to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day? That’s right, in case you forgot (or were living under a rock!) the big day is finally upon us!. On March 6th we here at Intelex will be commemorating this special day by celebrating and honoring our employees for their endless commitment and dedication to our company. Whether it’s going that extra mile to complete a project, or going beyond the call of duty to help out another peer, we want take the opportunity to share some gratitude, appreciation and celebrate with our colleagues for all of their hard work.

Our employees have made Intelex what it is today and we have a lot of fun activities in store to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day!

LexiGrams – Recognizing Our Peers

Aside from getting the opportunity to mix and mingle with other Intelexians, one of the highlights of our Employee Appreciation … Read more...