Directly from the Source: How to Best Transform EHS Today’s Return to Work Survey Results into Action Plans

There’s something to be said about hearing something directly from the source. No presumptions, no exaggeration—just pure, unadulterated facts. It’s for that very reason that surveys and focus groups play such a critical role in business in general and in EHS in particular. While this applies to most initiatives, this is especially true for return to work (RTW) programs, as they were developed quickly in response to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19.

For these programs, capturing employee feedback, particularly in the early stages post implementation, is critical. This is not only to improve processes where areas of improvement have been identified but also to course-correct where action plans are not working. Essentially, creating closed-loop processes will differentiate evolving RTW ones from their static counterparts.

To explore this further, we will look at the latest survey-focused report published by EHS today, Safety Professionals Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Workplace.

EHS Today’s Safety

Food Safety in China, Germs in the Office, the Results of EHS Today’s 2014 National Safety Survey, and more on EHS This Week!

On this week’s edition of EHS This Week we’ve got the week’s top stories in environment, health and safety news:

  • China’s supply chain food safety concerns
  • Infographic highlights germs and illness in office environments
  • The CDC’s bird flu investigation, reporting failure
  • Results are in for EHS Today’s 2014 National Safety Survey

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Until next week, enjoy the program!

EHS This Week Resources

For more information on the stories and resources mentioned in this week’s podcast, check out the links below.

  • How Clean Is Your Workspace? Infographic. View it here.
  • EHS Today’s 2014 National Safety Survey. Read about the results here and here.
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) August 15th Bird Flu Investigation. Read it here.

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