Coeur Mining & Intelex Win EHS Innovation Award for IIoT-enabled Worker Safety

Drones, wearables, fatigue sensors, and engaged employees integrated with Intelex EHS management software are central to the success of Coeur Mining Inc.’s 2019 EHS Innovation Award-winning approach to environmental, health, and safety management in the Metals, Mining & Natural Resources sector. Announced at the Verdantix Americas Summit in Atlanta, GA this week, Coeur Mining was named the winner of this prestigious award that recognizes organizations that use innovative technology approaches to keeping workers safe, protecting the environment, and delivering superior business results.  

Coeur’s motto is “We Pursue a Higher Standard,” which is a philosophy that applies to everything the company does. The company’s EHS program extends across the entire organization with the goal of enhancing EHS culture and achieving standards that move beyond regulatory requirements.  

Making IIoT-enabled EHS a Reality 

Coeur’s innovative approach is built on the foundation of technology devices such as IIoT sensors, wearables, automation, analytics, and unmanned aerial … Read more...

Technology that makes people and workplaces safer

Today’s technology rules and many of us couldn’t be happier about it. 

It’s completely imbedded within our personal lives thanks to ever-present Internet connectivity and slick mobile devices that feed to all of us not just every bit of information we might desire, but it’s also the dominant driving force behind much of our personal and professional interactions and activities.  

That’s hardly groundbreaking news. As far back as 2011, the importance of information technology was abundantly clear. Research conducted back then by network equipment maker Cisco Systems, for example, revealed almost half of 3,000 18- to 30-year-olds surveyed from 14 different countries considered the Internet “an ‘integral part of their lives,’ – one as important as food, water and even air – that they could not live without.” 

Seven years later, we’re all hooked. Technology is everywhere, essential to our modern lives and for the vast majority, it’s how we … Read more...