Can You Benefit Professionally from a Working Vacation?

Most health and safety professionals that I’ve had the opportunity to speak with did not start their careers in Health and Safety. The profile that I see most often is a former line worker or supervisor who was personally impacted by a preventable incident and wants to make a positive change for their coworkers.

This shift in career focus can be both rewarding and intimidating. Becoming a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) may seem like a daunting task. After all, you’re done with school. Shouldn’t exams be ancient history? 

I can certainly relate to this mindset. Nine years ago, when I got my CPA at 23, I thought this would be the last exam I would ever write. Surely this designation was all I needed to succeed! 

Two years later, when I got my MBA at 25, I thought that would be the last exam I would ever write. Armed with … Read more...