Quality 4.0: It’s time for a QMS Revolution

Why is it time for a Quality Management System revolution?

The world is more complex than it used to be. Businesses around the globe rely heavily on one another through densely intertwined supply chains. Human biases lead to poor business decisions that could be avoided by making decisions based on facts, data, and fundamental Quality principles. Technology interfaces are evolving at exponential rates with advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and big data. Meanwhile, customers demand increasing levels of Quality at lower prices with an insatiable appetite for new products being released at breakneck speeds.

This complexity leads to dependent systems that often fail despite attempts to build in redundancy. Processes break down, natural disasters, supply disruption caused by material shortages, and even scandals caused by poor leadership and decision-making all contribute to the risk of failure. These problems aren’t going away. In fact, with the number of recalls … Read more...