Meet an Intelex Client: Harold Fowler, BBA Aviation

Harold is a Data Systems Assistant and Intelex System Administrator at BBA Aviation, a market-leading provider of global aviation support and aftermarket services.  Based out of London, BBA operates at over 230 locations on 5 continents and has more than 13,000 employees worldwide.  In this video, Harold explains what separated Intelex from the pack when BBA was looking to replace their previous system.  

Before implementing Intelex, BBA was using another EHS system that simply wasn’t meeting their expectations.  It failed in configurability, and making necessary changes proved to be a very expensive and lengthy process.  They began their search for a more flexible solution that could be customized to satisfy the organization’s needs. 

Intelex proved to be highly configurable and was able to customize a system for BBA in a way that did not cause drastic change throughout the organization.  Switching from one system to another is often met with Read more...