Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health Week is May 4-10, 2015, and many take this opportunity to discuss how to best support those who are living with mental illness, or to work to reduce the stigma around mental illness. Mental health in the workplace is another important theme that’s popping up more and more these days.

Canadian statistics show that at least 20 percent of the population will experience mental illness at some point in our lives. But what about those other four people in that statistic? Are they mentally healthy?

One concern is that by limiting the conversation to mental illness, we may not be opening ourselves up to the ways in which we can and should be promoting mental well-being throughout our lives and, yes, our workplaces.

While it is vital to provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment, and to ensure accommodations are made for mental illness where they … Read more...

A DIY Safety Guide for Your Workplace Halloween!

Only three days left until Halloween which means the ghosts and goblins of Intelex are working extra hard to prepare for the festivities! Pumpkin carving competitions, costume contests, and the Intelex Sprout (children’s) Halloween Costume Parade are a few examples of the spooky activities taking place today!

But even the finest of monster mashes must be planned with the utmost precaution. Workplace safety includes social events and extra-curricular activities facilitated by the organization. We thought this would be the perfect time to share the top 5 tips and tricks we keep in mind when preparing for an extra safe night of fright!

1. Incident proof your Haunted House

  • Don’t be a ghoul, be safe on the foot stool! The ghosts and witches won’t hang up themselves so make sure to have a colleague spot you on the ladder when tackling those hard-to-reach decorations.
  • Keep streamers, balloons and other festive pieces

Intelex Bakes in Support of “Raising the Village”

This week Intelex’s Charity Bake Sale Team held another successful bake sale for a fantastic charitable organization, Raising the Village.

The team of bakers outdid themselves this time, with a mouthwatering spread that included cinnamon buns, M&M cookies, mini crème brûlées, banana bread, homemade pop tarts, mango bars, cookie dough donuts, oatmeal cookies, coconut macaroons and more!

Everyone who made a purchase received some great literature about the cause at hand, and when the money was counted up at the end of the day, the amount raised was $600! Intelex is generously matching the bake sale team’s efforts, meaning we’re able to donate $1,200 total! That’s a lot of awareness, and a lot of impact for one bake sale!

To put it into perspective, Raising the Village estimates that $100 will provide 12 children with a desk in their classroom, allowing them the opportunity to sit and learn. $1,000 … Read more...

Intelex’s Summer Patio Party Season Kicks Off With a Mexican Fiesta!

Last week Intelexians kicked off the summer in style with one of our favourite Intelex traditions: company-wide parties during the summer months on our building’s gorgeous rooftop patio!  This year Intelex decided to encourage cross-department collaboration in planning these parties, and to spice things up a bit Intelex’s three floors are competing against one another in a patio party face-off.

The Challenge: Who can plan the best party?

The Prize: Bragging rights (priceless)

The 7th floor was up first, and they did not disappoint! The Finance, Marketing, Support, IT and HR teams banded together to celebrate the summer season with a Mexican Fiesta-themed party. The event offered Intelexians saucy sangria and magical margaritas to quench their thirst while they basked in the patio’s sun and caught up with friends across the company. Coworkers enjoyed tacos, nachos and churros in order to keep their energy up for piñata smashing! And as … Read more...

Intelex ½ Vision Meeting – 2014.5

Are we really half way through Fiscal Year 2014? It seems only yesterday that Intelexians were testing their luck and rolling the dice at our annual Vision Meeting’s pop up Casino party. But spring is finally here which means one specific thing for all Torontonians: Jays Games. It also means it’s time for the Intelex team to get together and reflect on the year and to map out goals for the next 6 months. And so begins the Half Vision Meeting – 2014.5.

Blue t-shirts arrived prior to the event to help celebrate our Gartner accomplishments in style. All 250 matching Intelexians were in attendance including two of our British colleagues, Bobby  and Colin, who flew in for the occasion! New products on the roadmap, expansion plans, and marketing initiatives were shared by the executive team. CEO Mark Jaine took the stage for the grand finale, a motivational presentation about … Read more...

A Sweet Cause: Intelex Bake Sale Supports the Toronto Humane Society

On February 18 at 2:00pm, Intelex employees flooded the 6th floor kitchen area for an afternoon treat: the first Intelex Charity Bake Sale of 2014! Among the delicious desserts on display were cupcakes, homemade donuts, fudge, cookies, and cake pops. More than enough sugar to fuel the company through the rest of the afternoon!

Intelex loves to support local charities, and the beneficiary of this particular bake sale – the Toronto Humane Society – is an especially meaningful one for many Intelexians. We’re a company full of animal lovers! (You can check out pictures of Intelex’s “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” if you don’t believe us!)

We were lucky to have Michelle from Intelex’s Finance department bring in Tido to act as our official bake sale mascot. An adorable little mixed Yorkie, Tido was adopted from the Humane Society when he was just 8 months old after … Read more...

Mo Success at Intelex

On November 1, fifteen of Intelex’s finest put down their razors and banded together to dedicate their faces to the world-wide phenomenon known as Movember, the global movement to change the face of men’s health.

We are proud to announce that the Intelex “Mo Bros” raised a total of $8,446.00 towards the cause! Michael Culkin, Sales Executive, led the pack with a total of $5050.00 in donations.  His dedication was an inspiration to the rest of the team, including Shyam Khagram, who took part from the British office!

The purpose of Movember is to raise awareness and support for Men’s Health Programs that fight prostate and testicular cancer. Men begin the month with a cleanly shaved face then grow their “mo” (moustache) for the next 30 days while asking friends and family to donate to their cause.

The program focuses on:

  • Awareness and education
  • Living with and beyond cancer

Intelex hits the streets for Corporate Clean-Up Day 2013!

Well, our coveralls may be a little stained and our gloves may be a little blackened by the dirt, but we at Intelex can celebrate another successful community clean up!

In advance of Earth Day (Monday, April 22) the City  of Toronto held its annual Corporate Clean-Up Day today, and Intelex participated in full force. Last year we made our way up to Toronto’s beautiful Trinity Bellwoods Park to collect litter from the park grounds, but this year we decided to take it to the streets. Just before noon about 30 Intelexians donned white coveralls and green gloves before heading out to pick up any garbage we could find around our headquarters at King and Strachan. Members of the Green Team as well as other interested Intelexians scavenged the grounds surrounding our office, looking for any litter we could find and putting it in its proper place. We found tons … Read more...