EPA dishes $69.3 million towards contaminated sites cleanup & community revitalization

Contaminated sites stemming from abandoned industrial and commercial properties are a problem. Other than being an eyesore, they can significantly prohibit the growth and economic development of their surrounding communities. It is for this reason the EPA announced on May 24th that they will be dispersing $69.3 million in grants towards new investments that will provide funding for communities to address these contaminated properties, redevelop them and in turn boost their economies, create jobs and improve and protect public health.

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson believes that these properties can serve as the cornerstones for rebuilding struggling communities, “These grants will be the first step in getting pollution out and putting jobs back into neighborhoods across the country. Clean, healthy communities are places where people want to live, work and start businesses. We’re providing targeted resources to help local partners transform blighted, contaminated areas into centers of economic growth.”

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