Albert Munoz of SGS Achieves the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for Community Builder

Albert Munoz of SGS is this year’s winner of the Intelex Performance Award for Community Builder! This award recognizes an individual Intelex client user who has made an exceptional contribution to the Intelex community of clients, and to the development of Intelex-Exchange, Intelex’s community portal.

As the award winner, Albert Munoz embodies the essence of this award with his tireless contributions to the Intelex Exchange community. In the past year Albert has aided countless users in solving complex problems, while also providing a number of innovative ideas to improve the system. Fittingly, Albert is the person with the most points on Intelex Exchange, with over 3200 points.

Thank you Albert Munoz for your outstanding contributions to the Intelex community!… Read more...